Work-from-anywhere simplified.

With Troopr’s automated Slack Check-ins, 

you can engage and connect with your team easily without another meeting. 

Slack bot for standup, retrospective, planning poker, team mood, ice breakers | Troopr check-ins

How it works


Select a Check-in template

Choose from Check-ins for standups, retrospectives, planning poker, team mood sharing & more.


Configure the Check-in 

Choose participants, customize the questions they should be asked and the time when they should be asked.


Get reports & analytics

Engage with the automated reports in Slack and on the web. Analyze historical data for more insights.

Why Troopr Check-ins

Maximizes engagement

Slack is where your team is. Troopr Check-ins work completely in Slack. No need to set up and learn another tool.

Async by default

Troopr Check-ins are asynchronous by default so team members respond when they get a moment during the Check-in

Integrates with your tools

Deeply integrates with tools you already use to pull activity log and provide additional context to Check-in responses.


Troopr Check-ins comes with many templates for daily standup, mood sharing, planning poker, retrospective & more.

Popular Check-ins


Replace or augment your traditional standup meetings with Troopr Check-ins.

Troopr periodically collects responses from your team asynchronously and generates actionable summary reports for Slack and web.

Troopr aggregates activities from your tools like Jira & GitHub to give you a complete picture.

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planning poker online.png

Planning Poker

Troopr provides a better way to engage your agile team to estimate work. Troopr conducts your team online planning poker sessions in Slack.

Troopr helps estimate complexity of tasks by collecting votes asynchronously in Slack and generating actionable summary reports.

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Troopr Check-ins is the best way to engage your teams to inspect and improve.

Troopr will collect feedback from your team asynchronously and generate actionable summary reports for Slack and web.

Convert feedback into tasks, connect and track them to completion.

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Everything your remote team needs to stay connected

  • Multiple templates - Choose from industry standard pre-built templates or build your own

  • Integrations - Connects with Atlassian Jira to fit with your workflow

  • Time-boxed - Make your meetings effective by time-boxing discussions

  • Meeting Summary - Keep everyone on the same page with meeting summaries

  • Time-zone aware - Run check-ins at specific times based on each user's timezone. Ideal for distributed teams

  • Mood tracking -  Get a better sense of the emotional state your team members are in

  • Collaborate with people outside of your company - Add people from your partners, contractors teams in your meetings 

  • Engagement report - Get visibility into how well the team is doing with user engagement report

  • Set holidays and vacations - Configure for the team or individual team members

  • Insights and analysis - Drill down by date range or team member for deeper understanding

"I love the product and think there is a lot of potential here"

" No longer are we filling out Google doc for our weekly standups - a single Slack thread now suffices"

"I really like the web report for standups"

"I use troopr Check-ins for local and remote developers, It fulfills requrirements fine"

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