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AI Assistant at the center of your digital workplace 

At Troopr Labs, we are imagining a future where an AI assistant, powered by our conversational AI platform, is at the center of your workplace. Alexa and Google Assistant have shown us the potential of a true personal assistant. Imagine a work Assistant that is able to answer your work-related questions, perform tasks on your behalf, brief you periodically on what needs your attention, recommend follow-up actions at every step and allows you to teach it new skills for your unique needs. The potential of this future is what drives us everyday. 

In the current version of Troopr Assistant we have put together the essential building blocks of the solution including the Slack Assistant, the AI engine, key work management services and skills relevant to serve agile teams.

Troopr Assistant is learning new skills to be more resourceful for agile teams while also sharpening its current set of skills. The upcoming “Skill Builder” will let customers extend the Assistant capabilities with custom skills. Skill Builder lets you build your own custom skills with LEGO-style building blocks.

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