The new normal demands

a new way to work

The new workplace has become an async work-from-anywhere environment that has impacted the way we communicate, collaborate and get support. Empower your teams with Troopr's purpose built tools to help them succeed.


Why Troopr?

No need to learn another tool

Your team doesn't need to learn another tool. Track and update tasks in Slack,  participate in project meetings in Slack. Troopr brings smart micro-interactions in Slack so your team can get back to work faster.

Undistracted teamwork

Replace disruptive meetings with Troopr's asynchronous Slack Check-ins. Troopr surveys your team regularly for status updates or as part of scrum ceremonies like daily scrum, sprint planning, retrospective etc. 

Deliver Projects

On Time

Actionable task alerts in Slack to ensure your team misses nothing. Automated tap-on-the-shoulder nudges to remind your team members to act. Scheduled reporting to ensure everyone is on same page even those who don't use Troopr.

All-in one


Fully integrated remote work collaboration and team communication stack in Slack to enhance team productivity. All-in-one tool to automate your team routines and project collaboration and support ticket tracking in Slack.

"I love the product"

"solves a real problem for our team"

"great Slack apps that accelerate agile teams"

"I highly recommend"

Troopr Meeting Automation Solutions

Best of asynchronous check-ins for improved transparency and accountability

Slack Standup Bot

Replace or augment your traditional standup meetings with Troopr Check-ins. Easily setup in Slack in seconds and let Troopr be your scrum bot collecting responses from your team asynchronously and generating actionable summary reports for Slack and web.

Planning Poker Online

Troopr conducts your team planning poker online without leaving Slack. Troopr acts as your scrum bot helping estimate complexity of tasks by collecting votes asynchronously in Slack and generating actionable summary reports.

Retrospectives Online

Conduct retrospectives online in Slack with Troopr Check-ins. Troopr will collect feedback from your team asynchronously and generate actionable summary reports for Slack and web. Convert feedback into tasks and track them to completion.

Introduce Slack-first apps to your team today.

Your team will love you for it.