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Troopr Check-ins for Slack Standup & more

Get beautiful reports, easier setup, better integration with Jira,

richer feature set and unlimited use for flat $49

Premium product at fraction of the price.

All-in-one Scrum Bot

Daily Scrum

Daily team meeting for quick status update

Planning Poker

Conduct planning poker to collaboratively determine task complexities with your team

Backlog refinement 

Run a backlog grooming session with your team to determine completeness of tasks in backlog

Sprint Planning 

Get your team to collaboratively choose tasks for upcoming Sprint


End of Project or Sprint meeting to self inspect and plan for future improvements

Loved by Agile Teams

Industry Best Integrations

Troopr comes with deep integrations with the tools you use everyday.

With Troopr's comprehensive Jira Slack Integration you can

1) Share relevant Jira activities in your Check-ins 

2) Take Jira actions (during Check-ins or otherwise) without leaving Slack

3) Go beyond Check-ins for Jira reports, alerts and dashboard in Slack

Beautiful Web Reports

  • Troopr sends a link in your Slack reports to the detailed web reports

  • Web Reports are convenient to browse and easier to search historical data

  • You can also export the report data out for when you need it and download as CSV or email it

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Deeper insights into your team work

  • Find how team members contributed over a period of time. Use data as log of team member achievements.

  • Browse and drill down historical reports by user to look for opportunities to improve team engagement.

  • Easily keep watch on team wellbeing with point in time and historical Team Mood Reports

Collaborate with people outside your company

  • Run cross-team Check-ins in Slack shared channel

  • Add people from your vendors, partners, contractors teams in your standup as participants

  • Get one shared report for the entire team

Digital Assistant for Agile Teams

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