Best Standuply Alternative - Troopr

Troopr Check-ins for Slack Standup, Retro, Planning Poker & more. Get beautiful reports, easier setup, better integration with Jira, richer insights and unlimited use at flat affordable pricing.

Scrum Check-ins in Slack
Easy setup in Slack
Automatic Jira activity collection
Custom schedule, questions, reporting
Automatic Reminders
Multi time zone support
Team Mood Survey
Shared Channel Support
Email summaries
Historical Reports with drill down
Engagement and Analytics
Role-Based Permissions
Paid plan (all features unlimited use)
Unlimited Users AND Unlimited Check-ins at $129 flat.
$264 for 60 participants.

Why Troopr Check-ins

Don’t learn another tool

Slack is where your team work happens everyday. Troopr Scrum ceremonies automations work completely in Slack. No need to set up and learn another tool.


team work

Troopr Check-ins are asynchronous by default. Team members respond when they get a moment any time during the Check-in, directly in Slack from wherever they are.

Improved Team Engagement

Choose from list of customizable templates to make the meetings interesting. Automated Slack reminders to encourage active contribution.

Deep Jira Integration

Create issues from participant responses, auto expand context for Jira issue mentions, attach project activity from Jira to responses. No messy context switch overhead.

All-in-one package

Troopr Check-ins comes with many templates for scrum events including daily scrum, planning poker, backlog grooming, retrospectives and more.

"I love the product and think there is a lot of potential here"

" No longer are we filling out Google doc for our weekly standups - a single Slack thread now suffices"

"I really like the web report for standups"

"I use troopr Check-ins for local and remote developers, It fulfills requrirements fine"

Share Beautiful Web Reports

  • Troopr sends a link in your Slack reports to the detailed web reports.

  • Web Reports are convenient to browse and easier to search historical data.

  • You can also export the report data out for when you need it.

Troopr Scrum check-ins web report
Troopr Scrum check-ins engagement report

Deeper insights into your

team work

  • Find how team members contributed over a period of time. Use data as log of team member achievements.

  • Browse and filter reports by user to look for opportunities to improve team engagement.

Collaborate with people outside your company

  • Add people from your vendors, partners, contractors teams in your scrum ceremonies

  • Get one shared report for the entire team

Troopr Scrum check-ins in shared Slack channel

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