Project Management

for agile teams using Slack and Jira

Easy, secure and comprehensive Jira integration for Slack. Automate your Jira workflows and save upto 90% of your time working with Jira.

Maximize your investment in Jira

Project progress suffers when Jira is not up to date, blockers surface at the last moment and email notifications are missed in all the noise. Important issue context get lost in chat threads. There is too much asking around for updates.


With an easy way to manage Jira issues in Slack, Troopr ensures Jira is updated more often and important notifications are delivered in Slack without the noise. Troopr can also send Jira reports and follow ups periodically to Slack channels. Everyone saves time and everyone is on the same page.

This is the new Slack first way to work.

Some of the smartest agile teams around the world are choosing Troopr

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