5 ways to use Slack wiki

Confluence is a popular Atlassian team wiki tool to manage information around your business in one place. It is easy to add content to Confluence, however accessing and surfacing knowledge from Confluence can be a challenge. This is unfortunate as this results in Confluence being underutilized resulting in lower ROI. With Slack becoming the center of communication for modern workspaces, it makes sense that this platform should play a key role in knowledge collaboration.

There are a number of ways to leverage Slack in this capacity. In this blog we discuss some of those use cases.

Atlassian has a native Slack app for Confluence that makes it easy to stay updated on what’s happening in Confluence right inside Slack. While Troopr’s Slack app for Confluence solves for searching the Slack wiki knowledge base and automatically answering questions posted in Slack channels. Troopr is also integrated with Jira Service Management, so if necessary unresolved requests can also be tracked as tickets in JSM.

Get update notifications

The native Confluence Slack integration makes it easy to stay updated on the spaces/pages you care about - when a new or existing content is created, edited, or commented on. You can customize notifications to avoid distractions. Want to like or add comments to the page or blog, you can do it right away - all from Slack.

Get Jira update notifications in Slack

Share content previews  

Your team lives in Slack. The Confluence Slack integration makes it easy to bring your work to discussions with your team where they are. You can share pieces of work from Confluence in Slack. The content preview allows your team to get the message and have contextual discussions without having to leave the conversation.

Share content previews in Slack

Answer repeated questions

When employees have questions, it is possible that the answers to these questions exist somewhere in your knowledge base. But they may not know where to look. Having a Slack Confluence integration is a powerful way to put knowledge in the place where questions are asked repeatedly. Troopr Slack bot for Confluence returns a link to the document and employees get the convenience to access and read the answers without having to leave Slack. This removes the need for human intervention for simple tasks like responding to repeated/common questions.

Answer repetative questions in Slack using Troopr

Search Confluence from Slack

As a user instead of asking repeated questions to your support team, you can simply ask Troopr. The Slackbot returns links to Confluence articles that are relevant to your query. Troopr provides an opportunity to upvote/downvote and optionally share the result with your colleagues.

Search Confluence from Slack using Troopr Wiki

Enable self-serve IT support

Having the employees know there is a dedicated Slack channel for IT support would be helpful. The default action for all questions asked in the channel should be to check the existing knowledge base first and share answers from there. If the employee request is not resolved with the suggestions from Slack wiki, then an agent can pitch in to help. Troopr app provides convenience to raise a Jira ticket automatically when Slack Wiki suggestions are not helpful. New tickets are created with comments in a dedicated Slack thread. Troopr automatically keeps the updates in sync between Slack and Jira so context is always preserved and all updates are available in Slack. Read more here.

Enable self-serve IT support using Troopr

Get started

Explore Atlassian Marketplace to find third-party apps like Troopr that enable the search and share functionality to the fullest for your organization.  

To get started, click on “Try Troopr” and then “Allow" button in the consent screen and follow the instructions.

Make sure you are logged in to your Slack workspace and you have permissions to install apps in your Slack workspace.

That’s it. Troopr Wiki is installed on your Slack workspace. Then connect Confluence spaces to Slack channels and configure the search functionality for your team workflows. Detailed instructions in the help document.

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