6 Ways employees can create Jira Helpdesk requests in Slack

With companies choosing the path of conversational ticketing, your employees can now create tickets without leaving the comfort of their Slack. This blog walks you through different methods to create a Jira help desk requests in Slack by integrating your Slack and Jira accounts. Let us first look at challenges with using Jira Service managements as a help desk for your company and how can Troopr be used as a facilitator between Jira and Slack to improve the efficiency of your help desk for your employees.

Challenges with Jira Service Management

Jira is a mature help desk offering that is a preferred choice for companies across the globe to deliver support services and establish efficient help desk solutions.

Do you find your team struggling with adapting to technological switches? Jira can have a steep learning curve that can be daunting especially for non IT team members.

How many times has your service management team faced setbacks due to your employees’ unfamiliarity with Jira? These disruptions, while seeming small, add up to major expenses in terms of wasted utility of your help desk workforce.

Switching context from work to figure out the right form to file your request in Jira can be a hassle for employees. Without the right information in Jira, the help desk team also is not able to resolve employees requests on time.

Employees end up reporting their problems directly in Slack DMs with the agents. Now agents have to deal with one more channel where they are receiving requests and manually update them in Jira.

With multiple unorganized channels for requesting support, employees struggle to track updates and status on their requests. Many times they rely on agents manually checking for the status in Jira and updating them in their Slack.

All of this results in low levels of employee satisfaction with the support they receive while at the same time the help desk team morale is also low having to deal with mundane copy pasting work across Slack and Jira.

Integrating Jira and Slack

With a large user base, Slack is presently the leading choice for businesses as their communication platform. Since all the conversations with team and external customers happen on Slack, it is an ideal choice to be the interface for your help desk. By integrating Slack with your ticketing system (JSM) using Troopr as a plugin, you can address the challenges we’ve talked about in the previous section without leaving the familiar user interface of Slack.

Ways to create a ticket as an Employee

1. In support channel using emoji

Create Jira tickets in Slack using emojis

Step 1: You can find the emoji ticket option on every message in Slack. Hover over the message, click on "emoji" in the top right menu. Select the “Ticket” emoji

Step 2: The summary and description fields in the ticket creation form are populated from the Slack message

Additionally, you could specify the issue type, priority or any additional information to complete the form and get the ticket created in a fraction of time it takes otherwise.

Troopr also lets you set up different custom emojis to trigger ticket creation in different channels.

2. In support channel using message action

Support customers in Slack

Troopr facilitates the action to convert a slack message into a new ticket in 2 simple steps:

Step 1 : Go to the message you want to convert into a ticket, hover over the three dots on the right hand side.

Step 2:  Select “Task It” from the message actions menu.

You can now fill in additional details to get the ticket created.

You could also add the attachment to an already created Jira ticket by using the "Comment It" action in place of the "Task It" action. Follow the same steps as above to complete the action in Slack.

3. Privately in Troopr App Home

Send private requests in Slack

“Troopr Home” is your personalized, persistent Jira Dashboard in Slack that appears when you click on "Troopr Assistant" in Slack.

You can trigger ticket creation using the “+ Ticket'' button. This opens the dynamic ticket creation form that populates necessary form fields based on the corresponding configuration in Jira. You can set defaults to project and issue type that Troopr will remember and make subsequent ticket creation faster and easier without ever leaving Slack.

4. Anywhere using Troopr Launcher

Troopr launcher

This method allows employees to open "Troopr launcher" in any Slack channel and create tickets as needed. This process involves just 2 steps:

Step 1: Open "Troopr launcher" by typing /t in any Slack channel

Step 2: Click on the “+ Issue” button to open the dynamic ticket creation form. Fill the necessary details and submit to create the ticket.

5. Anywhere using Global Shortcut

use global shortcut

Troopr Jira bot comes with some options including ticket creation and more on the shortcut menu. You can navigate to the shortcut menu by clicking on the 'plus' button next to the message bar. This comes handy when users are at a meeting or taking notes and want to quickly convert those into Jira tickets.

Step 1: Open desired Slack channel > Message bar > Navigate to the shortcut menu

Step 2: Select "Create" > Dynamic ticket creation form opens up. Fill the necessary details > submit to create the ticket.

The shortcut menu is available in all Slack channels and brings in improved accessibility to the action for most team members.

6. Automatically for every message posted

Automatically answer requests in Slack

Most often, Help desk teams dedicate a Slack channel where employees can directly drop in their requests. Using Troopr, your employees can simply drop a message in the designated support channel and Troopr will automatically create a new ticket for every message posted in the channel.

7. Anywhere on behalf of guests

Guest facilitation

With Troopr you can let both non Jira users and unmapped Jira users create tickets from Slack by using a service account as facilitator.

Using Troopr’s Guest Facilitation feature, your help desk admins can grant authorization to non Jira users to create and comment on Jira tickets. Any comment posted by guest users on threads, will be added using Facilitator's Account on behalf of the guest user.

The Help Desk admin can set up guest facilitation by following the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Open Troopr Web App > Help desk > Channel Preferences

Step 2: Under the Guest Facilitation section > Click Authorize

Guest facilitation will be fallback for unverified users only without affecting the normal functioning for Jira users.

Get more done in Slack

Troopr is not only used as a plugin to create tickets. It is, rather, a fully-featured product to help you efficiently manage your help desk experience. Let’s look at additional features offered by Troopr that enhance the ticket resolution process for your employees:


Troopr delivers ticket updates to concerned reporters in the form of notifications. With batch notifications where all updates related to a ticket made are sent at a single time, Troopr smartly eliminates constant disruptions to your  employees.

Ticket progress tracking

How many times has your support team had to deal with irate employees asking for updates on their reported issues and the support team consequently struggling to manage between maintaining updates and keeping on top of their workflow?

Troopr automates this tedious task by delivering ticket progress right into your employees’ Slack where they can avoid the gyrating process of hunting for the updates. Troopr ensures full transparency by showing current escalation level of issue to the reporters.

2- way sync

The two-way sync feature in Troopr completely syncs all comments and updates made in Jira to Slack and vice-versa. What this translates for your service experience is that employees can follow all new updates and converse with agents from within the Slack channel. The agents can further follow up on tickets from either of their preferred platform- i.e. either Slack or JSM

File attachments

Troopr supports file attachment to its tickets be it documents or perhaps supporting screenshots that a reporter may find crucial to accompany their tickets.


Employee feedback is singularly the best method to determine the effectiveness of your support experience. With recorded employee feedback by Troopr, analyze your support team performance and identify potential areas with scope of improvement to enhance your support team’s service.

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