Slack Ticketing system saves your time

Slack ticketing system

Slack is a popular enterprise software that has been used by many companies to manage their internal communication. However, it can also be used as a ticketing system which will save a lot of time and money for enterprises.

Problems in Traditional ticketing system

In Traditional ticketing system customers have to upload their requests or queries by these three ways 

  • Online forms
  • Reach support through email
  • Add tickets in Jira

Online forms

On their websites, almost all organizations provide a way for clients to contact directly. It assists in resolving customer problems and enhances customer service. Customers have to frequently login into websites and email to track the status of their requests. The request must be manually copied and pasted from the website database to Jira Service Management by the customer support team. Both the customer and the support agent must spend extra time working on the problem. It takes away from their valuable time spent focusing on other significant issues. In Jira service management there will be tons of issues already. The chances of missing a high priority issue is high.

Reach support through email

Customers send their queries or requests to the support email addresses of the organizations. Customers won’t get any visibility of their requests which makes them worried. Support teams will receive 100s of mail per day; they have to filter out and copy paste the requests in Jira Service Management. Filtering and copy pasting takes a lot of time and support agents may miss important high priority requests.

Add tickets in Jira

Customers can submit requests directly in the Jira customer portal. After uploading a request, customers have to regularly check their emails or Jira web pages after uploading a request to find out its status. Support agents have to spot and pick the high priority requests from Jira where there are more than 100 active requests. Which will eventually take more time than solving the request.

In all these three ways both the customer and support team spend more time in tracking, finding and copy pasting the issues.

Slack's ticketing system features

Slack users claim that Slack increases their productivity by 87%. Using Slack as a ticketing system has these features.

  • Quickly capture incoming requests  
  • Keep your team and coworkers on the same page  
  • Collaborate across different teams
  • Customers can track request easily in Slack
  • Automatic answering with knowledge base integration

Quickly capture incoming requests

In Slack customers can easily create Jira tickets in one click. The request created in Slack will automatically update in Jira if there is any update or modification that happens in Slack it will also automatically update in Jira. Support agents receive actionable notifications in Slack when new tickets are created which helps them to capture and resolve incoming requests faster.

Keep your agent and collaborators in sync  

Collaborators don’t need to login into Jira and search for the request to add internal comments. By using Slack as a ticketing system; Collaborators can add internal comments for requests in the Slack thread which will automatically update as internal comments in Jira. This will make it easier for the collaborators to work closely with support agents.

Collaborate across different teams

One of the reasons why people love Slack is its Slack Connect feature, which allows users to work with various teams and organizations.

Customers can track request easily in Slack

Customers consistently expect to see the status of their requests. Customers can track the status, assignee, and priority of their requests through the Slack ticketing system by entering their issue key in the Slack channel.

Automated answering with knowledge base

The most time-consuming task for all teams is responding to repetitive Slack questions, which Troopr can handle. Troopr automatically suggests matching articles for every message in the Slack channel from Confluence. It ensures that your employee queries are answered immediately. If Troopr answers does not resolve the request, you can trigger a search on the request on-demand and share the appropriate result as an answer in the channel. 

Slack ticketing system

How Slack ticketing system save your time

Slack's ticketing system aids agents in resolving requests 50% more quickly than the traditional ticketing system by onboarding Troopr on Slack channels helps agents to reduce their support time by 80%. Troopr Resolve employee requests faster in Slack with automated suggestions from Confluence and bi-directional ticket updates between Slack and Jira.

Using these troopr features users can save time in Slack ticketing system 

  • Emoji ticketing 
  • Automate syncing 
  • Easy approvals
  • Easy tracking
  • Easy feedback
  • Automatic suggestions
  • Internal comments

Emoji ticketing

Any Slack message can be transformed into a JSM request by adding a ticket emoji. Choose any emoji of your choice to serve as the trigger emoji.

Emoji ticketing in Slack

Automatic syncing

Discussions in the Slack thread are automatically synced to the Jira request and updates to the request in Jira are synced back to the Slack thread.

Automatic syncing in Slack

Easy approvals in Slack

Troopr delivers approval requests to approvers in Slack. Just click a button in the approval message to take action on the request.

Easy approvals in Slack

Better visibility on requests

Customers can easily track their open requests in the support channel or privately in their Troopr app home.

Better visibility on request in Slack

Collect feedback instantly

Get employee feedback about the support experience in Slack. When a ticket is closed, the reporter is sent a Slack message asking about their support experience.

Collect feedback instantly in Slack

Private requests

Customers can file your requests privately in Slack from Troopr app home. Administrators can restrict access to only select help desk projects and request types.

Private requests in Slack

Automatic suggestions from Confluence

Troopr automatically answers repetitive questions in Slack with suggestions from related Confluence articles.

Automatic suggestion from Confluence in Slack

Internal comments

Internal comments made by the project collaborators in Slack threats will automatically update in JSM and vice versa.

Internal comments in Slack

Slack message customization

Customize the Slack message you receive when creating requests in Slack. Customize the request details and action buttons that will show up.

Slack message customization

Proactive reminders

Get reminders on pending and open requests in any Slack channel. Set up a schedule of your choice and filter by projects, event type or JQL.

Proactive reminders in Slack

Getting started 

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