Slack ticketing system for IT teams

Slack is a popular team communication platform that has taken over as the hub of many digital workplaces. It provides teams with a better way to communicate and collaborate. One of the ways it does this is by allowing teams to collect and track service requests in Slack.

What is Slack ticketing system

A Slack ticketing system is one that allows your employees to make service requests directly in Slack and transparently tracks and when possible resolves requests without any human intervention.

Slack makes communication fast and easy. Slack ticketing systems bring the same experience to employees IT request management. Instead of filing an IT ticket, employees can simply describe their issue in Slack and the Slack ticketing system will work under the hood to track and suggest right resources for resolution. 

A Slack ticketing system comprises primarily of a Slack bot that connects Slack to a ticketing tool and a FAQ knowledge base tool.

Troopr is a popular Slack ticketing system that connects Slack with Jira Service Management and Confluence knowledge management.

Troopr Slack ticketing system has been adopted by many IT teams as it allows them to manage both routine and emergency requests in one place, while also providing updates on the status of each request directly in Slack. Every organization should consider using Slack ticketing system because it is easy to use, convenient, and provides the most natural and friction free support experience that your employees will love.

Can you use Slack as a ticketing system

Slack is a popular chat app that has been used by many companies as a ticketing system. It is easy to use and it can be integrated with other apps.

The main advantage of using Slack as a ticketing system is that it can be used by the whole team, not just the customer support team. This means that everyone in the company can see what's going on and they are all aware of what needs to be done.

Evolution of Slack ticketing system

In a traditional ticketing process, employees report their requests through emails, or through web portals. This request has to then be tracked in a ticketing tool like Jira service management by IT support agents. Employees have to check their email or web portal to know the status of their request. 

When people started using Slack, they also started reporting their issues in Slack because it is easy and fast. In contrast, logging in to Jira and finding and filling up forms to submit a request is tedious and not intuitive.

This created new problems for the IT teams, as the IT support team now has to manually copy paste requests from Slack to Jira and also manually update employees in Slack when the request is resolved. This resulted in wasted time, potential errors and unnecessary delays in overall response and resolution times.

Slack ticketing

Slack ticketing systems bring the best of both worlds. They allow employees to report issues in Slack and IT support teams to triage issues in Slack while automatically tracking every request in Jira for insights and reporting. Slack ticketing systems also surface relevant company FAQ knowledge base articles to help automatically resolve repetitive requests.

Troopr Slack ticketing system

Troopr Labs Inc is an established player in the Slack ticketing space and offers a robust solution for IT support management in Slack. Troopr securely connects Slack with Jira Service Management and Confluence for seamless integrated ticketing solution in Slack. 

Here are some of the key features of Troopr Slack ticketing system

  • Emoji ticketing
  • Automatic syncing
  • Easy approvals in Slack
  • Better visibility on requests
  • Collect feedback instantly
  • Private requests
  • Automatic suggestions from Confluence
  • Internal comments
  • Slack message customization 
  • Proactive reminders

Emoji ticketing 

Any Slack message can be transformed into a JSM request by adding a ticket emoji. Choose any emoji of your choice to serve as the trigger emoji.

Emoji ticketing in Slack

Automatic syncing

Discussions in the Slack thread are automatically synced to the Jira request and updates to the request in Jira are synced back to the Slack thread.

Automatic syncing in Slack

Easy approvals in Slack

Troopr delivers approval requests to approvers in Slack. Just click a button in the approval message to take action on the request.

Easy approvals in Slack

Better visibility on requests

Customers can easily track their open requests in the support channel or privately in their Troopr app home.

Better visibility on request in Slack

Collect feedback instantly 

Get employee feedback about the support experience in Slack. When a ticket is closed, the reporter is sent a Slack message asking about their support experience.

Collect feedback instantly in Slack

Private requests

Customers can file your requests privately in Slack from Troopr app home. Administrators can restrict access to only select help desk projects and request types.

Private requests in Slack

Automatic suggestions from Confluence

Troopr automatically answers repetitive questions in Slack with suggestions from related Confluence articles. 

Automatic suggestion from Confluence in Slack

Internal comments

Internal comments made by the project collaborators in Slack threats will automatically update in JSM and vice versa. 

Internal comments in Slack

Slack message customization 

Customize the Slack message you receive when creating requests in Slack. Customize the request details and action buttons that will show up.

Slack message customization

Proactive reminders

Get reminders on pending and open requests in any Slack channel. Set up a schedule of your choice and filter by projects, event type or JQL. 

Proactive reminders in Slack

Benefits of Troopr Slack ticketing

  • Quickly capture incoming requests  
  • Easily triage incoming requests  
  • Keep your team and coworkers on the same page  
  • Collaborate across different teams
  • Measuring ticket volume and customer satisfaction
  • Streamlines approval workflow 
  • Automatic answering with knowledge base integration
  • Feedback for the solved request can be collected instantly in Slack thread
  • Customers can track request easily in Slack
  • Provides better visibility on their requests 
  • Slack ticketing is much visible and easy to track than traditional ticketing.

Getting Started with Troopr

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Follow instructions here to connect Troopr to your Jira account: Jira Cloud / Jira DC / Jira Server

Follow instructions to setup a support channel and create your first ticket. Read more about getting started here and here.

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