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The Best Wiki for Slack in 2022

With the push towards hybrid and remote work models, many companies have shifted to Slack for efficient business communication. As more workforce shifts online, completing tasks becomes easier when employees have the information they need to do their jobs. This involves making your company’s internal wiki accessible in Slack for your employees.

If you're looking for the best Wiki for Slack for your company's needs, you've come to the perfect place. In this blog, we have produced a list of some of the top Slack wikis of 2022. Continue reading for a full breakdown of the best Wikis available for Slack today and decide which Wiki suits you best.

Table of Contents:

Why your company needs a Slack wiki

Best wiki for Slack

Which is the best Slack wiki for you

Why your company needs a Slack wiki

Organizations capture information around their business in a central knowledge portal. When employees need access, they have to context switch from their core work, understand the organization of information in the knowledge portal, and optimally search for the information they are looking for. The information they need at a given moment is not easily accessible. Employees get reluctant to consume information from traditional knowledge sources. The challenges with adoption will affect motivation to keep the company wiki updated and vice versa. Eventually, this leads to a stale wiki that nobody is using or updating.

It is essential to solving the engagement problem to drive the adoption of your company wiki. It makes sense that Slack be the primary way for employees to access knowledge quickly and in context. Slack apps like Troopr allows you to integrate your company wiki right into Slack and automate the way company knowledge is surfaced and shared in Slack

Best wiki for Slack

Following is the list of widely used Slack wikis for your team with a quick recap of their features:


Confluence wiki

Confluence is a product offered by Atlassian. The company is widely known for its collaborative tools including the likes of Trello, Jira, and JSM. Confluence is among the most used Slack Wiki owing to its versatility and a wide variety of offered features.

Confluence allows you to organize documents in pages and trees with abundant templates to choose from. You get higher control over administration and security settings with this product. For a list of app integration allowed by Confluence, click here.


Confluence is free for up to 10 employees with all basic features offering 2 GB of space. It has three paid pricing options for you to choose from. The standard plan costs up to $5.50 per user, Premium plan for $10.50/user, and Enterprise plan which is billed annually depending upon your enterprise.


  • No credit card sign-up required

  • Easy to store and index corporate wiki

  • Ease in collaboration between employees

  • Greater flexibility with personalization

  • Regular upgrade and addition of features


  • Some amount of learning curve is involved

  • Limited features and users allowed on the free version


Tettra wiki

Tettra is a knowledge management Wiki known for its easy-to-use interface for establishing a simple internal knowledge base. Using Tettra, you can automate your content management. It also has a unique feature of content verification to allow you to keep a check on data integrity. For a list of allowed app integration by Tettra, click here.


Tettra offers three separate plans- Starting, Scaling, and Enterprise. While the starting plan is free for up to 10 users with access to limited features, both subsequent plan upgrade unlocks additional features ranging from $8.33/user per month for Scaling and $16.66/user per month for Enterprise.


  • Simple, easy to use wiki

  • Allows to set up knowledge experts and content verification

  • Billed annually/ monthly for scaling plan

  • 30-day free trial for scaling plan


  • Slack integration is available only on paid versions

  • The scaling price plan is limited to 250 users and requires credit card sign-up

  • Limited app integration

  • Doesn't provide much flexibility in configuration and live collaborations


Notion wiki

Notion is a wiki software that not only lets you create a strong database of documents but also allows you a space to formulate, build and work upon projects from start to finish. Notion gives you a variety of block content and template options to choose from. With its instant replies and real-time collaboration, Notion allows you to easily set in place a workflow along with documentation.


Personal plan is free for up to 1 user with unlimited pages & blocks, sharing with 5 guests, and API integration. Thereafter, Notion offers three other pricing plans with different levels of access to features.


  • Works across multiple devices

  • Bulk export

  • Ease of contextualizing content

  • Offers free trial for Personal Pro and Teams plan


  • Team setups involve a larger learning curve

  • Limited formatting is available

  • Support is available for paid versions only

Lessonly (Obie)

Lessonly wiki

Formerly known as Obie, Lessonly Knowledge is another information database management tool that lets you build your corporate wiki. Lessonly as indicated by its name is used to create lessons or plans to share across organizations. It also doubles up as an effective Slack Wiki. Unique features of Obie include creating quizzes and allowing anonymous logins as well as custom domain creations. Lessonly allows these application integrations.


Since Lessonly provides plans tailored according to client needs, its pricing can be established by contacting the team only.


  • Build well-structured lesson plans for your company

  • Easy learning

  • Simplifies onboarding experience

  • Capture FAQs in workflow


  • Not as effective as a knowledge management system for larger companies

  • Basic app integrations only

  • Live collaboration unavailable


Outline Wiki

Outline is another widely used Slack Wiki popular for its easy-to-use interface. It has a public change lock, gives you access to unlimited version history and an Open API (click here for further information on API).


Outline offers pricing separately for hosting methods. For Cloud hosting, the wiki has different plans options for different tiers of users (personal to enterprise). In the case of Self-Managed hosting, you can choose between free community edition as well as enterprise plan.


  • Fast access and navigation

  • 30% discounts for Non-profit and educational organizations

  • 30-day free trial

  • Support in 13+ languages


  • Not suitable for larger enterprises

  • Requires third party authentication and AWS

Which is the best Slack wiki for you

Tettra and Outline both are good choices for your Slack Wiki if you are looking to build a simple clutter-free database at a beginner level. However, if you are looking for an internal wiki for personal use requiring limited collaboration then Notion is your best bet.

Lessonly works better if you want to give training of any kind to your employees.

Confluence with its variety of features and app integration is currently among the best Wikis in this market. If your company is already using other Atlassian products like Jira and JSM then Confluence is an ideal choice to make. Using Troopr, you can further configure your Slack integration for Confluence. Click here to learn more about Troopr Wiki.


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