Types of Conversational Ticketing System

As the world moves to online chat platforms to conduct business, the market has seen a boom in platforms providing Conversational Ticketing for easing the workflow of employees. There are two proven solutions currently available in the market- Ticketing Systems that self-integrate to business chat platforms and Third-Party applications which integrate the two platforms for you.

With Conversational Ticketing, companies, both big and small are looking for a friction-free ticketing process that can dramatically boost team productivity.  Assemble your Helpdesk and bring it right where all the conversations are happening.

Read on to learn more about the different options available to adopt this method to transform your company’s support experience.

Why Conversational Ticketing

At the core of all successful businesses lies a well-established communication channel. As remote working gained traction, lack of technical knowledge and understanding of filing ‘tickets’ came forward as a  hindrance in workflows of a company. Businesses see a major decline in job productivity, from support agents being swamped with repetitive activities to users trying to discover the appropriate path to assistance.

Conversational Ticketing is the solution largely being used to eliminate the need for employees to use multiple sites for receiving support by allowing them to be served from within the corporate chat platform.

Using conversational ticketing, employees can get help through chat, rather than having to go through complicated ticket filing procedures. Support team can similarly discuss and address concerns reported in the same chat.

Companies which have successfully adopted Conversational Ticketing to manage their workflows have reported marginal decrease in response and resolution time while also saving significantly on employee hours and cost of operations.

Types of Conversational Ticketing

With the growing demand for conversational ticketing, as mentioned at the beginning of the blog,  there are two major modern day solutions available in the market. To help you identify the right solution for your needs, in this blog, we will examine some of the best players in the market across the following two categories:

  • Standalone ticketing systems
  • Add-on to existing ticketing system

Standalone ticketing system

Tired of added workload from context switching? What if your ticketing platform allowed users to converse simultaneously? Some existing ticketing platforms directly integrate into business chat platforms, saving a lot of employees from misdirected time and effort of receiving support.

There are both- ticketing systems with and without app integrations currently available in the market. However, the growing demand for easing workflows has pushed standalone systems away from the radar.

Use Case:

Using a new ticketing system with dialogic ticketing is ideal for small- medium sized companies which do not have a helpdesk of their own in place. They are especially Third-party beneficial for new businesses that function on a smaller scale. Whether your company uses Slack, Teams or both, Ticketing systems allow integration not only to your business chat platforms but also allow space for your company’s internal wiki.

Popular solution - Halp:

What began as a solution for businesses with no established help-desk of their own has now evolved into a modern IT support solution. Halp, a product under Atlassian, delivers lightweight solutions to ease ticketing. IT With platforms like Halp, you can track, assign and prioritize tickets- All from within the Slack. Halp, however, is still a developing product offering limited features but one which you should keep an eye out for.

Add-on to existing ticketing system

Third party apps available in markets integrate ticketing systems to your chat platforms allowing you to deliver IT support directly in Slack. This method of inculcating Conversational Ticketing to your chat platform proves to have a negligent learning curve as compared to shifting to an entirely new system.

Ticketing system

Use Case:

These facilitator apps connecting ticketing systems to chat platforms remove the need to rip and replace your existing system. Instead, you can build Conversational ticketing on top of the systems already familiar to your company users. You do not need to spend copious amounts of time migrating your team to another system.

Using third-party apps for integration however is no one shoe fits for all. While choosing a third-party app solution, users need to ensure the app accommodates their existing ticketing and chat platform systems.

Popular solution - Lessonly

Lessonly is a training focused software committed to delivering Support solutions. While providing integrating options with leading chat platforms, Lessonly connects seamlessly 16+ knowledge platforms making it a considerable player in this field. Not diverging from its name, Lessonly focusses on a training-based approach more than delivering an all powerful solution as a platform for chat-based ticketing.

Popular solution - Moveworks

Moveworks is an AI platform which provides automated solutions for deployment and Support with conversational ticketing. A comparatively newer name in the field, Moveworks provides integration of Chat platforms with your ITSM  to deliver end-to-end resolutions. It offers additional integrations across multiple Knowledge bases, email groups and messaging platforms. Add Moveworks to your existing ITSM platform to unleash an efficient Helpdesk service.

Popular solution - Troopr

Troopr is an AI powered product custom built for Jira- Slack integration bringing you the best of both worlds. Built for agile work environments, Troopr allows further integration with the wiki app- Confluence taking your IT support experience to the next level.

Being purpose-built for Slack, Troopr is among the leading mature products currently available in the market for conversational ticketing that you can fully customize according to your company’s needs.

If your company  user base is in Atlassian products (Jira, JSM and Confluence) the Troopr is the one addition you need to completely transform your company’s Support experience.

Which one is right for your team?


As you may have gathered by now, neither of the two solutions are superior to the other. While using a completely new ticketing system may prove fruitful to one business, completely scraping off existing ticketing systems to incorporate conversational ticketing might prove counterproductive to another. Here, using a plugin would prove not only beneficial but also the best course of action for some companies.

Hope this blog cleared the air on the different types of options available in the market. If Troopr sounds like a solution for addressing your Support Desk experience needs, click here to learn more.

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