What is Slack Wiki and how to get started in minutes

A corporate wiki accessible in Slack is known as Slack Wiki. It enables users to access your company’s internal information database from within your Slack.

In this blog, we talk about common challenges faced by companies with traditional corporate wiki and how Slack Wiki can help your company overcome these challenges. Read on to understand in depth about benefits of Slack Wikis and different methods to integrate Slack with the most popular corporate wiki, Atlassian's Confluence.

What is Corporate Wiki Software

A Wiki is a website containing information resources that are editable by all its users directly through their browsers. When used within a corporate workplace, it is called a corporate wiki. Corporate wikis allow efficient sharing of knowledge among users belonging to the particular company.

Both large and small companies alike have been using corporate wiki software to assemble a database containing all relevant information about their company. These internal wikis serve as a point of reference where members of the company can share, search and add information.

Corporate wikis are also equipped to handle searching large pools of data. No matter how advanced or trivial a query is; a user can find relevant documents without having to resort to searching through endless folders or needing manual intervention.

Challenges with Traditional Corporate Wiki

Traditional wikis have a complex learning curve resulting in poor engagement of users. Since these wikis depend upon users for improvement, low interactions result in data becoming outdated with time. Here are some challenges faced while using a traditional wiki:

  1. Searching from outdated data is difficult and often inaccurate.
  2. Since they are not a part of daily workflow, the context switch from work can be disruptive. Workflow gets disturbed each time users switch to another website to find solutions to their queries.
  3. Traditional corporate wikis are just wikis, they provide no room for analyzing content usage, making it difficult to keep a track of what is lacking in the database or needs to be added to it.

Removing friction with Slack integration

Slack integration for corporate Wiki puts valuable information to do your work where all your company conversations are already happening.  

With the shift to remote and hybrid working models, companies have switched all internal communication and collaboration over to Slack. Slack is an online business communication platform that has doubled up as a digital HQ in the hybrid remote workplace.

There is a growing need for modern wikis to keep pace and allow for ways to access the company knowledge base directly in Slack.

Slack wiki replaces the current disruptive workflow to access team knowledge with a more natural and intuitive one in Slack. It delivers information that your team needs, when they need it and where they are already working. This helps your team work more efficiently from wherever they are.

Popular Corporate Wikis offering Slack Integration

Below, we have compiled a list of some of the popular corporate wikis for your reference:

  1. Confluence
  2. Notion
  3. Slicki
  4. Tettra


Notion offers one of the simplest user interfaces making it a good option to consider if you are looking for a non-complex corporate wiki option for limited collaboration. The free version of this wiki offers 1 user and 5 guests with up to 5 MB of data upload. Notion allows free access to unlimited pages and syncs across devices. API is available in Notion for 1 user for customized Slack integration.



Slicki is a no-nonsense corporate wiki that provides users with good Slack integration and features for productive workflow management. It requires a minimum of 5 active users and offers a 30-day free trial with all basic features.



Another prominently used corporate wiki service is offered by Tettra offering bimonthly and annual plans both. Tettra offers a free version for up to 10 users with limited access to features. Slack integration and other features are available on the paid packages onTettra which comes with a 30-day free trial for up to 250 users.



Developed by Australian software company Atlassian, Confluence is being used predominantly to store, organize and collect information as a team workspace. It can be used independently as well as as a Slack Wiki. With three different options to choose from- clouds, data centers, or servers, Confluence is an ideal fully-featured corporate wiki popular with small and vast companies alike.


Confluence is free to use for up to 10 users with all essential features making it ideal for smaller companies and test trials.

Connect to Confluence in minutes

There are two methods to connect Confluence to your Slack. If you are looking to add floating notifications to be displayed on Slack, you can integrate Confluence into your Slack directly.

In case you are looking for more personalized notifications, integrate Confluence on your Slack with Troopr. Troopr is a suite of conversational apps for Slack offering additional configurations.

Please ensure you have the administrative right to integrate Wiki into Slack

Follow the steps to configure the native Slack integration:

Step 1: Download the Confluence app. Click here to download.

Step 2: As the administrator, go to Confluence integration > Slack Integration >  Connect Slack Team

Step 3: You will be directed to the Slack App directory > Click Install

Step 4: Complete the OAuth  process to get started

Step 5: On the redirected configuration page > Add each app credentials > Click Submit

For a detailed guide on configuring your Confluence account, follow this tutorial here.

To configure the Troopr Slack app for Confluence, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open Troopr  > Try Troopr > Allow Permission to access Confluence - Slack Workplace

Step 2: You will be guided to a list of options > Connect to Confluence

Step 3: Troopr Bot is now added to your Slack. On being redirected to Troopr Page > Let’s get started

Step 4: Wiki Bot > Connection > Click on Connect > New Confluence Cloud Connection

Step 5: Copy-paste your Confluence domain URL > Click Verify > Proceed

Step 6: Create an API token by following links and fill in required details > Add

Your Confluence space is added to your Slack Channel.

Using Confluence Wiki in Slack

Once your Confluence Pages are integrated with Slack, in the chosen Slack channels, any user can summon Confluence wiki with the command /confluence help.

Automatic request resolution

Are you tired of answering repetitive questions asked by users and the hindrance this causes? Automate replies by directly linking relevant Confluence pages to save users time and effort.

If you are using Troopr, any question asked that matches with linked Confluence pages get directly answered. Get instant query solving within the comfort of your Slack without having to do anything.

Synced Comments

Quit having to switch back and forth between Confluence and Slack to keep track of comments. With Slack integration, all comments get synced automatically on both channels.

Easy replies

Replying gets even more simplified. Simply react with custom emojis to answer user queries and Troopr will automatically link all the right resources.

Precision in search results

You no longer have to scroll through a never-ending list of articles containing common keywords. Finetune your wiki results by adding keyword aliases and adjusting matching options.

Additional Benefits of Slack Wiki

Customized  Notifications

Once connected to Confluence, users will be notified within their Slack each time they are mentioned in Confluence significantly decreasing their chances of missing notifications.

Do you want to follow any particular page from Confluence? By using the Watch feature you can track any page of your interest from within your Slack. Never miss any important update again.

Bookmarked Pages

You now don’t have to search and save pages on Confluence separately. Reactionaries and interactive buttons will do it for you.

Get Context at a Glance

Do you find yourself having to open up every single link posted in Slack to find the right material? This gets eliminated with Confluence integration in Slack which displays brief details with links.

On adding Troopr, you get more out of your Confluence-Slack integration.

Centralized workflow

Finding it difficult to juggle between Confluence, Jira, and JSM? Cut down on switching tabs by integrating all three apps on your Slack together with Troopr. You can now create tickets and update your progress from within Slack.

Benefits of Slack wiki

Ease in Analysis

Troopr further helps you fill gaps in your internal wiki by providing an intensive analysis report. With access to track metrics, you can assess what needs improvement in the database.

Get Started Now

Confluence is the most powerful and popular corporate wiki software and Slack is the communication platform of choice for the modern workplace. With Troopr you can connect your Confluence to Wiki in minutes and bring the full power of your team’s collective knowledge to where your team is already working.

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