Project management for agile teams that love Slack

First of its kind, powerful conversational project tracking built for remote friendly agile teams. Supercharge your team engagement and productivity with Troopr Squad.

Slack project management

How Troopr Squad Works

  1. Create your own Squad.

  2. Organize your project work in Squad Backlog as tasks.

  3. Setup and customize your Sprint schedule (typically 2 weeks).

  4. Plan groups of tasks that deliver incremental value in future Sprints.

  5. Invite Troopr to your project channel in Slack and link it to your Squad.

  6. When ready, start a Sprint.

  7. Your team can now start tracking and updating their tasks in Slack.

Why Troopr Squads

Don’t learn another tool

Slack is where your team work happens everyday. Troopr Squads for agile project management works completely inside Slack. No need for your team to learn another tool.

Instant Onboarding. Zero overhead

Your team onboarding is automatic when Troopr app is installed in Slack. No action required from team members. New members are also onboarded as they join in Slack. Every member sees a personalized dashboard in Slack with all tasks assigned to them

Dramatically Improved Team Engagement

Project updates are a button click or command away in Slack. Troopr sends smart actionable alerts, nudges and reminders to ensure your project data is always up to date and accurate.

Built for remote agile teams

Troopr Squads are fully integrated with Troopr Check-ins for your scrum events automation. Troopr Check-ins automations  for daily standup, planning poker, backlog grooming, retros keep your team aligned no matter where they are.

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Troopr Squad Features

Quick create tasks in any Slack channel

Use Troopr slash command /t create to quickly create a new task in any Slack channel.  

Create Jira tasks in Slack
Convert Slack messages to Jira tasks

Add Slack conversation to a task

Capture discussions in Slack for context around the work your team is doing. Add it to a new task or an existing one with a single click action.

Your to do list on-demand and at your finger tips

Use Troopr slash command /t list in any Slack channel to instantly get you active list of tasks. Visit the personalized dashboard in Slack (App Home) to glance at tasks that may need your attention.

Jira task list on-demand in Slack
Bring Scrum project insights to Slack

Bring project insights to Slack

Beautiful project reports for timely insights and project overview, delivered directly in Slack. 

Celebrate milestones with the team

Troopr share every milestone with your team in Slack channels making opportunities for your team to celebrate every win

Celebrate Scrum project milestones with team in Slack
Expand Jira tasks context in Slack

Automatically expand task context in chat

Every time your teammate mentions a task, Troopr helpfully adds more context by unfurling the issue mention with a fully actionable task information card.

Surface potential blockers before its too late

Troopr automatically inspects your projects to identify potential blockers and surfaces them in your team channel in Slack as actionable alerts. 

Identify and surface potential blockers in Slack
Search and unfurl Jira tasks in Slack

Search any task in any Slack channel 

Quickly find any task from any project directly in Slack with Troopr find command. Type /t find followed by the keyword to get instant results in any Slack channel 

Personalized dashboard in Slack

Glance at your tasks, check-ins, reports and take quick actions - all in one personalized dashboard built for you right inside Slack. Reach it on your desktop or mobile by clicking on "Troopr Assistant" in Slack.

Personalized Troopr dashboard in Slack
Troopr notification delivery in Slack

Noise free notification

Troopr's sophisticated notification delivery framework ensures exactly the right amount of actionable information reaches you in Slack. Fully customize the packaging, volume and frequency of alerts to maximize team engagement.

Bring Conversational Project Management to your team today