Conversational agile project management in Slack

The first of its kind, powerful conversational project tracking built for agile teams. Make your tools work invisibly, your team will love your for it.


Supercharge team engagement and productivity by bringing conversational project management to your team. 

Instant Onboarding. Zero overhead. 

Team is onboarded on install. Just invite Troopr to a Slack channel to let them know. Your team never has to login to another project management app.

Plan and track work without context switching

Create, assign, browse and update tasks directly in Slack. Supercharge your team engagement and productivity.

Smart reporting on the go

Beautiful custom dashboards for timely insights and project overview, delivered directly in Slack. 

Automate Alerts and Workflows

No more asking around for updates. Schedule custom alerts, nudges and daily standups to keep the team in sync and accountable.

Digital Assistant for Agile Teams

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