Troopr Task Management Bot for Slack

Troopr Assistant Task Skill is the easiest way to assign and track tasks for your team in Slack without the need for cumbersome project management software. 

Assign tasks to your team members

Create and assign tasks to your team members in any channel. Tasks are organized and tracked in project channels automatically

Turn conversations into actions at the click of a button

Convert conversations to action items in one click without switching context. Track action items until completion.

Complete view of your team tasks

Get a full view of all the tasks organized by projects and lists flexibly for every type of project for your team. Generate custom views filtered by status, assignee, due date, tag and more

Deep dive for more actions

Comment, Update, Assign, Set Due Date, Get recent activity, Share to Channel, Follow and Unfollow for notifications, Set Reminders and more all without leaving Slack

Do more in Slack with Troopr

Task Bot

Standup Bot

Jira Bot

Daily Briefing

Get personalized daily briefing with action items from Troopr Tasks, Jira Issues and Standup Meetings


Track standalone reminders, Troopr task reminders, Jira issue reminders and more

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