Troopr for Engineering teams 

Before Troopr

Jira is not current, project progress suffers, blockers surface at the last moment, important context is lost in Slack threads, yet another zoom meeting for status updates

After Troopr

Jira is always up to date, stakeholders are in the loop in Slack, team members proactively reminded of potential blockers, 30 min zoom call is now 5 min Slack Check-in

Build faster with Troopr

Engineering teams can move faster while freeing up more time for things that matter.

1000s of teams trust Troopr

Keep Jira up to date

Engineers no longer have to navigate Jira screens for one update. Managers no longer have to nudge the team to keep Jira current.

  • Setup automatic bi-directional updates between Slack conversations and Jira issues. 

  • Quickly create, find and update Jira issues with /t commands.

  • Drop a bug emoji to the Slack message to convert it to a Jira issue.

  • Automatically get issue previews when they are mentioned in any Slack channel.

Have fewer meetings

Stop wasting time in zoom standup meetings everyday. Switch to periodic text updates in Slack. Let Troopr schedule and report on these meetings with contextual data from Jira.

  • Prompt everyone on schedule and get participant updates and their activities from Jira in one consolidated report in Slack

  • Choose from proven templates for Daily Standup, Retrospective and Planning Poker OR build your own custom Check-in

  • A simple anonymous emoji mood tracker lets you track your team mood and proactive resolve problems

Discuss Jira project sprints in Slack channels

Uncover key insights

Don't wait until the last day of Sprint to discover blockers. Engage your team in the right place at the right time. Use prebuilt report templates or build your own workflow automations to deliver proactive insights in Slack

  • Automate shoulder tap nudges with custom alerts about stale issues and more

  • Customized and share alerts that matter without spamming your team channels

  • Don't need to navigate Jira to find key project insights, bring them to every stakeholder that cares in Slack

  • Don't miss the opportunity to celebrate key milestones and achievements as they happen in Slack

Troopr Products for Engineering teams 

Snowflake Inc. is a cloud computing–based data warehousing company founded in July 2012. The firm offers a cloud-based data storage and analytics service, generally termed "data warehouse-as-a-service"


Snowflake chose Troopr to run cross time zone meetings asynchronously in Slack. The team members participate at their convenient time. Troopr rolls the report and shares with the manager in Slack channel to view at convenience.


Troopr helped save 90% of time in weekly status update meetings and in finding and updating Jira issues.

Products used

Troopr Check-ins

Troopr Reports

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