Troopr for IT teams 

Before Troopr

IT support is slow and unnatural. Employee satisfaction suffers when issues are not resolved promptly, agents are busy manually updating tickets and answering repetitive questions.

After Troopr

Instant responses to employee requests in Slack, automated suggestions, automated ticket tracking, automated approvals and customer satisfaction through the roof.

1000s of teams trust Troopr

Resolve employee requests faster 

IT teams can cut employee support time by 80% while freeing time for agents to focus more on things that matter.

Troopr make supporting employees easy

Make supporting employees easy

Dont ask your employees to figure out where and how to fill in a form to resolve their requests. Let them naturally report and discuss in Slack channels while Troopr takes care of the rest.

  • Turn your Slack conversations into Jira tickets and keep them updated in both place without any manual work

  • Managers can now simply click a button in Slack to approve requests. No more checking emails and navigating Jira for approvals.

  • Instantly collect feedback with emoji surveys directly in the Slack conversation. 

Resolve requests automatically

Don't waste time answering repetitive questions from employees and don't expect employees to login to your knowledge base and research and find answers to their problems.

  • Automatically suggest answers from team knowledge base from Confluence directly in your support channels

  • Quickly find and share that helpful article in Confluence with the employee in any Slack channel

  • When none of the suggestions help resolve the employee issue, automatically ticket and track them in Jira

Resolve requests automatically with Troopr
Get Jira reports in Slack channels

Unlock key insights

Don't wait for SLA breaches to take action. Engage your team proactively with smart actionable insights in Slack. Use prebuilt report templates or build your own workflow automations

  • Get alerts on pending tickets that don't have an update in a while and take action right there

  • Keep every stakeholder in the loop by bringing key insights into Slack channels. 

  • Monitor and improve usage and adoption with easy-to-digest visualization charts and activity logs

Troopr Products for IT teams

Wayfair Inc. is an American e-commerce company that sells furniture and home goods. Founded in 2002 and headquartered in Boston, US


Troopr automatically directs all support requests to a dedicated triage channel. Troopr also has an ability to deflect tickets from being created in the first place by suggesting related articles from Confluence. The agents were able to handle more tickets in a shorter amount of time. The support teams have set up dedicated channels that automatically post and sync every new ticket information with Jira.


Introduction of Troopr has reduced the resolution time by 40%

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