Best Conversational Ticketing Platforms in 2023

Conversational ticketing is transforming the way companies offer IT support to their employees like never before. Read on to learn about why Conversational Ticketing is the need of the hour and what are the various different platforms available.

In this blog we evaluate 4 leading conversational ticketing platforms- Halp, Lessonly, Moveworks and Troopr on the basis of features offered, pros, cons and pricing.

Conversational ticketing evolution

Traditional Ticketing systems first came as a solution to improve the delivery of support service to customers. Over a period of time as more and more workflow shifted online, traditional ticketing systems and their meticulous method of filing queries could not keep up with the tremendous number of requests being received by the Support IT team.

Conversational ticketing evolved as a solution to simplify this process of providing IT support to companies using online chat platforms like Slack and Microsoft Teams for conducting businesses. Where earlier workers were required to file tickets through separate platforms or follow trails of emails to receive help, Conversational ticketing, asking for IT support has been reduced to merely sending in a text right from within Slack. The support team has further seen a dramatic reduction in workload by having menial tasks be automated for them.

Let us now look at some of the leading platforms in the field of Conversational Ticketing to completely revolutionize your Helpdesk experience.


Halp is an IT support solution providing an internal ticketing system for modern teams. A newer name in the field of Conversational ticketing, Halp was acquired by Atlassian Community to bring conversational ticketing to your chat platform. Being fully compatible with Jira Cloud, Server and Data; by using Halp, you can track, manage and resolve tickets with ease.


Unique Features

Halp is a modern lightweight ticketing solution that can be used on its own or be further integrated with helpdesk solutions.


◾ Slack   ◾ Microsoft Teams    ◾ Zapier  

◾ Zendesk   ◾ Jira Service Management


  • Halp has a quick, intuitive search system in place making it easier to find relevant documents from repositories.
  • It offers both, standalone ticketing system and Integration with ticketing system


  • Halp is a newer product in the market not efficient for handling complex Jira Workflow
  • It requires manual mapping of Jira fields to Slack forms


Halp offers its users three different tier plans currently.

Standard Plan @ $15 Per help desk agent / mo (avg),  Premium Plan @ $30 Per help desk agent / mo (avg) and Enterprise Plan @ $45 Per help desk agent / mo (avg).

You can avail a free trial signup for Halp without the need of a credit card.

Ideal for

Small medium businesses looking for a new ticketing system.


Lessonly by Seismic is a management system that primarily undertakes training and efficient solving of tickets for the completely uninitiated. With Lessonly, train your team  to use IT support with existing ticketing systems with the help of comprehensive study material and guides. Using Lessonly, you can train your team into adopting a dialogic approach for effective query solving.


Unique Features

Lessonly boasts of an interactive lesson based approach for the training of teams.


◾ Slack    ◾ Jira Service Management    ◾ Jira    ◾ Zendesk


  • Lessonly has eased the process of providing your team with soft skills and training.
  • Appearance can be modified to fit branding of your company.


  • Lessonly’s search system isn’t as robust making it hard to organize and search content on demand.
  • User interface despite being clean is not as intuitive to use.
  • Lessonly is not very flexible in terms of customized permissions.


Lessonly offers three packages Pro , Pro+ Coaching and Enterprise. Starting from USD 8.00/month, Lessonly allows you to make add ons of features to your chosen package, making it one of the most customizable platforms in this field.

The per user licensing for this platform starts at $8.

Ideal for

Small medium businesses (51-1,000 employees) considering a new ticketing system that is focused on providing a learning platform for employees.


Moveworks is an AI based platform which works like a plug-in to connect your existing help desks and ticketing systems. Moveworks works like a plugin which you can add on top of your existing ticketing system to connect with your Chat platform and provide a seamless Support experience to your team.


Unique Features

Moveworks offers multilingual Support through natural language understanding and machine learning techniques.


◾ ServiceNow      ◾ Freshservice    ◾ Jira         ◾ Zendesk     ◾ BMC    

◾ Cherwell           ◾ Google Chat     ◾ Slack      ◾ Webex       ◾ MicrosoftTeams


  • Multiple platform integration allows for consolidation of online repositories.
  • It employs machine learning to improve support experience by collecting user data.


  • Moveworks caters only to large sized companies
  • The platform is comparatively newer in the market with little to no data available in public domain about its use cases.


Pricing starts upward of $ 100,000 USD for Moveworks. You can learn about the pricing by contacting the Moveworks team from their official website.

Ideal For

Large enterprises considering a AI driven ticketing solution that works on top of existing ticketing systems  


An established platform and popular name in the field of IT automation, Troopr Labs Inc. is a focused solution for Slack- JSM integration. Troopr works as a plugin app to provide you with a powerful integration between Slack and your JSM. Troopr brings you the best of both worlds by enabling conversational ticketing to platforms your team is already familiar with.


Unique Features

Purpose- built for Slack- Atlassian Products with deep integration with Jira platforms


◾ Slack  ◾ Jira  ◾ Jira Service Management ◾ Confluence


  • Troopr does not require duplication of data for tickets
  • It boasts of superior Jira reporting in Slack being custom built for these platforms
  • Mature product with regular feature updates and instant online assistance


Integrations are available exclusively for Jira Service Management and Jira platforms.


Troopr offers different packages according to the needs of your company.

The packs range from Starter free of cost, Pro @ $49 / mo, Premium @ $129/ mo

and an Enterprise package which is custom priced according to your company’s support requirements.

Troopr also offers a 14 day free trial with access to all features with no credit card required

Ideal For

Small businesses to large enterprises looking for best of both worlds solution that works on top of existing ticketing system

Which one to choose?

Each of the four mentioned options aside from fulfilling the need for Conversational Ticketing fulfil an additional use case for you.

As a new ticketing platform

If your ticketing needs are to handle basic workflow with conversational ticketing, Halp is the platform you should consider. However, if you are looking to coach your team simultaneously in  providing Support using conversational ticketing, Lessonly is the way to go.

As as add-on to an existing ticketing system

You can use plug-ins like Moveworks and Troopr to introduce conversational ticketing on top of the ticketing platform your company is already using.

Moveworks offers a larger number of platform integration and will be the better suited option to consolidate all your resources and provide a centralized support service.

If however, your company uses Slack, Jira, JSM and Confluence, Troopr  was built to fit your needs. Purpose built for Slack and Jira integration, Troopr gives you a greater flexibility to use the platforms according to your needs.

Getting Started with Troopr

If Troopr sounds like a possible solution to fixing your conversational ticketing needs, sign up here for a free demo.

You can also avail the 14 day free trial to Troopr for your entire team with access to all features.

In 3 simple steps, bring all your Jira tickets right into Slack where all your team already is, with Troopr Slack bot.

Step 1: Connect your Jira Cloud or Jira Server to your Slack workspace

Step 2: Invite Troopr into desired Slack Channel

Step 3: Using /t command convert Slack messages directly into Jira tickets.

Transform the way your help desk offers support with Troopr today!

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