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Troopr Assistant is your All in One Bot for Task and Project Management, Jira Integration and Standup Meetings. Get more done in Slack with Troopr Assistant.

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Manage your team tasks and projects 

directly in Slack

Troopr Project Management allows you to create, assign and manage tasks directly in Slack. Give everybody in your Slack team a complete view of tasks assigned to them, across projects without any additional software.

Integrate Jira and Slack for actionable notifications directly in Slack

Easiest Slack Jira Integration to connect Jira Projects to Slack. Create, update and track JIRA issues in seconds. Auto expand JIRA issues and customize the JIRA notifications you receive in Slack.

Run daily standup meeting in Slack

Stop wasting time in frequent status update meetings. Let Troopr ask your team any questions you want and record and report on the responses as you need. Participants can reference tasks they worked on and Troopr will link and/or unfurl them automatically.

Some of the smartest agile teams around the world are choosing Troopr Assistant

AI Assistant at the center of your digital workplace

Imagine a work Assistant that is able to answer your work-related questions, perform tasks on your behalf, brief you periodically on what needs your attention, recommend follow-up actions at every step and allows you to teach it new skills for your unique needs. At Troopr Labs, we are on a mission to realize this dream with Troopr Assistant and Troopr Automation Platform.
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