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Engineering and IT teams use Troopr’s purpose built intelligent automations to work more efficiently in Slack.

Troopr Jira, Slack, Confluence,Microsoft integration

1000s of teams trust Troopr

Troopr for Engineering Teams

Engineering teams never have to login to Jira with Troopr’s purpose built automations in Slack.

  • Make Jira faster with contextual micro-interactions in Slack

  • Get proactive actionable alerts about things that need your teams' attention

  • Automate your daily standup and other scrum ceremonies in Slack

Troopr solutions for engineering teams
Troopr solution for IT teams

Troopr for IT teams

IT teams never have to copy paste Slack conversations to Jira.

  • Convert Slack conversations to Jira tickets by adding emojis in Slack

  • Automate answering repetitive questions by integrating your Wiki to Slack

  • Bring approvals, feedback and full ticketing experience to Slack

Why Troopr

Improve team engagement

Troopr brings actionable smart micro-interactions in Slack that increase engagement with your team by 50%


Get everyone including stakeholders in the loop on important updates and trigger discussions in context in Slack


Upgrade employee experience

Troopr’s purpose built workflow automations save 8 hours per week for everyone in engineering and IT teams

Invest in your employees and deliver superior employee experiences in Slack that they will love

data current

Enterprise grade security

Auto sync, actionable nudges and one click updates. Keep data in your work tools current directly from Slack

ISO 27001, SOC 2 & GDPR compliant processes and data security that 1000s of customers trust

How Troopr Works

Intelligent Automation for Engineering teams and IT teams

Troopr Products

Your data is safe with us

We have best-in-class security, periodic audits, and continuous monitoring to ensure that your data is always secure. 

Made by founding team with 4 decades of experience working for some of the largest enterprises in the world with industry leading security measures.

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SOC 2 security compliance

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ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified

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256-bit Encryption

Wayfair Inc. is an American e-commerce company that sells furniture and home goods. Founded in 2002 and headquartered in Boston, US


Troopr automatically directs all support requests to a dedicated triage channel. Troopr also has an ability to deflect tickets from being created in the first place by suggesting related articles from Confluence. The agents were able to handle more tickets in a shorter amount of time. The support teams have set up dedicated channels that automatically post and sync every new ticket information with Jira.


Introduction of Troopr has reduced the resolution time by 40%

Products used

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Troopr Projects

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Troopr Reports

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