Know how your team is feeling everyday

With Troopr’s automated Slack Check-ins for Team Mood, you can easily check-in on how your team is feeling everyday, spot trends and take action.

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How Troopr team mood Check-ins work

  1. Select "Team mood" or "Team mood Anonymous" Check-in template and customize schedule, participants and reporting

  2. Troopr prompts your team appropriately for response in Slack

  3. Troopr compiles an aggregated report and shares in Slack and web app

  4. Engage with the mood report with anonymous comments

  5. Capture & track action items to improve mood score


Don’t learn another tool

Slack is where your team work happens everyday. Troopr team mood automations work completely in Slack. No need to set up and learn another tool.


team work

Troopr Check-ins are asynchronous by default. Team members respond when they get a moment any time during the Check-in, directly in Slack from wherever they are.

Improved Team Engagement

Choose from list of customizable team mood templates to make the meetings interesting. Automated Slack reminders to encourage active contribution.

All-in-one package

Troopr Check-ins comes with many templates for agile teams including daily standup, team retrospectives and more.

Troopr team mood Check-in features

Easy setup

  • Customize schedule - daily, weekly or monthly or something custom

  • Pick the team members who will participate

  • Customize questions, mood emojis and mood text

  • Customize reporting options

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Team mood daily reports.png

Daily reports

  • Automatically aggregates teams’ responses into summary reports in Slack and web app that is easy to consume and engage

  • Easy export options to take out the report data out when you need it

Anonymous participation 

  • Participants can submit their responses anonymously by simply clicking on the emoji

  • Participation takes only few seconds

  • Participant can optionally add mood comment

Anonymous participation.png
Team mood historical insights.png

Historical insights

  • See all your previous team responses in one place

  • Find how team members are feeling over a period of time, use the data as a log of team member workplace mood

  • Browse and filter reports by user to look for opportunities to improve his workplace mood

Comment Anonymous

  • Team members can also comment on your mood submission

  • Comments and reply to comments are completely anonymous 

Team mood anonymous commenting.png
Team mood comment notifications.png

Comment notifications

  • Participants receive a notification when there is a comment on their response

  • Encourages team discussions and engagement

Action items

  • Collect actionable information from every mood Check-in

  • Track all action items in one place 

Action items - team mood.png
Team mood customize emojis.png

Customize mood template

  • Go with default mood responses or customize them for your team

  • Update the mood emoji and mood description associated with every mood score

One click Onboarding

  • No complex on-boarding process

  • Onboard your team members instantly

Team mood on-boarding.png

"I love the product and think there is a lot of potential here"

" No longer are we filling out Google doc for our weekly standups - a single Slack thread now suffices"

"I really like the web report for standups"

"I use troopr Check-ins for local and remote developers, It fulfills requrirements fine"

Other Check-in Templates in Troopr

Daily Standup

Daily team meeting to discuss what got done, whats the plan and blockers if any.

Planning Poker

Conduct planning poker to collaboratively determine task complexities with your team

Backlog refinement 

Run a backlog grooming session with your team to determine completeness of tasks in backlog

Sprint Planning 

Get your team to collaboratively choose tasks for upcoming Sprint


End of Project or Sprint meeting to self inspect and plan for future improvements

Other Benefits

  • Easily setup team mood Check-ins in Slack

  • Setup daily, weekly, monthly or any custom frequency

  • Automatic reminders to nudge participants to respond

  • Support for multiple time zones for distributed teams

  • Include people from outside your organization

  • Skip during team holidays

  • Skip during participant planned absences 

  • See multiple team mood reports in one place. 

  • Setup multiple administrators for Troopr workspace 

  • Setup multiple administrators for Check-ins

  • Runs seamlessly across all workspaces in Slack grid

  • 24*7 customer support directly from the product team

  • Industry standard methods for best in class security

Still undecided? 

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