Best Halp Alternative - Troopr

Troopr HelpDesk has direct and deep Slack integration for Jira and Confluence. With automated Jira ticketing and automated Confluence article suggestions, you can resolve employee requests quickly and directly in Slack.

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Troopr vs Halp


Slack Jira integration

Request mapping

Automatic deflection

CSAT Feedback

Ticket alert filters

Ticket alert message

Reports in Slack

Reminders in Slack

Approval alerts in Slack

Bi directional updates 

Customizable emoji actions

Customizable commands

Multi message ticket creation

Guest facilitation

Sync media attachments

Automated ticket creation


Deep Jira integration

Auto mapping

Direct suggestion from Confluence

Feedback integrated with Jira



Customizable Jira charts for Slack

20+ reminder templates 


Yes, for all fields




Yes with configurable restrictions




Limited integration

Manual mapping

Suggestions from Halp answers

Feedback not integrated with Jira


Not customizable




Yes, for limited fields

Yes but limited



Yes but can't restrict access



Troopr Features

Emoji ticketing

Add a ticket emoji to any Slack message to convert it into a JSM request. Customize the trigger emoji to any emoji of your choice.

Automatic syncing

Discussions in the Slack thread are automatically synced to the Jira request and updates to the request in Jira are synced back to the Slack thread.

Easy approvals

Troopr delivers approval requests to approvers in Slack. Just click a button in the approval message to take action on the request.

Easy tracking

Customers can easily track their open requests in the support channel or privately in their Troopr app home.

Easy feedback

Get employee feedback about the support experience in Slack. When a ticket is closed, the reporter is sent a Slack message asking about their support experience.

Private requests

Customers can file your requests privately in Slack from Troopr app home. Administrators can restrict access to only select help desk projects and request types.

Automatic suggestions

Troopr automatically answers repetitive questions in Slack with suggestions from related Confluence articles.

Search on demand

Trigger a search on-demand in Slack and share the appropriate result as an answer in the channel.

Tune document matching

Tune the search results from Confluence by defining the scope of search, type of search and list of keyword aliases.

Central triage channel

Setup a private “agent” channel for the help desk team to serve as the hub for all requests collected via Slack or any other channel.

Internal comments

Enabling channel sync would allow internal comments in Slack to get automatically updated in JSM and vice versa.

Slack message customization

Customize the Slack message you receive when creating requests in Slack. Customize the request details and action buttons that will show up.

Request previews

Request previews show additional information and action buttons for the request when they are mentioned in Slack.

Real Time insights

Share real time insights and progress reports from JSM in the form of charts and actionable list of requests.

Proactive reminders

Get reminders on pending and open requests in any Slack channel. Set up a schedule of your choice and filter by projects, event type or JQL.

Multi level access control

Troopr supports administrator roles at both channel level and account level. Every account and channel can have one or more designated administrators.

Multi-message actions

Turn a conversation across multiple messages into one Jira request by just adding an emoji to the beginning of the conversation.

Dynamic request creation forms

Automatically discover required fields during request creation, update or status transition based on permissions granted to the user.

Channel preferences

Extensively customize the Troopr behavior including thread sync, creation defaults, project restrictions, notification subscriptions, request previews and more.

Guest Facilitation

Configure guest facilitation that allows external users to create and comment on Jira requests. Configure restrictions at account, channel, project or user levels.

Extensive command support

Troopr supports most JSM actions via slash commands. Create a request, update any field, take actions including changing status, assignee and more.

Ticketing in DM channels

Handle requests from employees in direct chat (DM channels) with them. Easily capture these conversations into Jira requests.

Works with JSM DC or Cloud

Troopr Slack integration for JSM fully supports all features in both the on premise (Data Center) and cloud versions.

Support for Slack grid

When Troopr is installed in all workspaces in Slack Grid, Troopr allows for seamless functionality across shared channels within Grid workspaces.

Support for Slack connect

When you work with external users in a Slack connect channel, you can bring Troopr into it to activate automatic answering and more.

Wayfair Inc. is a USD 4.5B American e-commerce company based in Boston that sells furniture and home goods online. Founded in 2002 and currently offers 14 million from more than 11,000 global suppliers


They tried building Slack bots in-house but that proved to be both a time-consuming and expensive exercise. Management of custom solutions were also distracting their teams from their core work.


With Troopr, they have connected their Jira Software  to Slack channels to bring context and updates to Jira issues, and tickets to Slack and make it easy for them to take action directly from Slack.

Dream11 is a USD 8B sports technology company based in Mumbai, India.It is a strategy based online sports game with 1000+ daily contests and 13 crore+ users


IT teams have dedicated public channels where they collect requests from employees and dedicated private channels where they assign and work on open tickets


With Troopr HelpDesk, IT teams collect requests the same way as they did in Slack but now Troopr handles all updates between Slack and Jira.

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