Best Jira Slack Integration in 2023 for Engineering and IT teams

Companies are increasingly leaning towards chat platforms to collaborate efficiently among distributed teams. Deeper integration between Jira and Slack provides for improved communication and collaboration among team members. It also provides for increased efficiency and better issue tracking across the organization. IT teams can resolve employee requests faster and project managers can deliver smarter ways to manage projects.

If you are in the market for Jira Slack integration solutions, you have probably tried the native Slack bots that come with Jira. Troopr is a Slack integration for Jira that is purpose built for IT and engineering teams. Troopr comes with custom built automations that are customizable for every use case.

In this blog, we will cover different ways of Jira Slack integration and its benefits. We will also cover how Troopr’s solution compares with the native Slack bots and how you can try them for yourself in your Slack workspace.

What is Jira Slack integration 

Jira Slack integration is a connection between the project management tool Jira and the communication platform Slack, allowing users to receive updates, notifications, and perform actions in Jira directly from Slack. The integration enables teams to stay updated on Jira project progress, collaborate more effectively, and streamline their workflows by bringing Jira's issue tracking and Jira ticketing capabilities into their Slack channels

Jira products that integrate with Slack

Atlassian’s Jira is offered as “Jira Service Management” (JSM) for support help desk management and Jira Software for software project management.

JSM is designed to help organizations manage their IT service desk operations. It includes features such as employee request management, incident management, problem management, and service level agreement (SLA) tracking. It allows teams to streamline and automate their IT service desk processes, improve communication and collaboration, and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their IT service management operations.

Jira Software is designed to help software development teams plan, track, and release software. Jira Software includes a number of features such as agile boards, backlogs, sprint planning, and reporting. It allows teams to manage their development process, track bugs and issues, and plan and prioritize their work. It also provides visibility into the progress of projects and helps teams to identify and resolve issues quickly.

Top use cases for IT support management with Jira Slack integration

IT teams find most value in helping resolve employee issues faster. Troopr’s Jira Slack integration comes with many features that help with faster resolution of support requests. Some of the common use cases include:

  1. Collecting requests in Slack
  2. Updating tickets in Slack
  3. Getting ticket update alerts in Slack
  4. Processing approvals in Slack
  5. Collecting feedback in Slack
  6. Getting actionable insights in Slack

1. Collecting requests in Slack

You can set up one or more customer channels for the employees to report internal issues in Slack. Employees can just type in the requests in the channel and Troopr has a simplified process of capturing these Slack messages as tickets. All that you need to do is select an emoji and a new ticket is created with details in the thread. You can edit the ticket fields at the time of creation or anytime later using the “Edit field” option in Slack.

Slack message showing Jira requests in Slack cahnnels

2. Updating tickets in Slack

Troopr directs all the requests (created via Slack and Jira) to the Agent triage channel in real-time. This allows private space for your team to discuss and take up the tasks. Your team can also scan through the requests and take necessary actions (update, comment, edit or start conversations with customers) when they have relevant permissions.

Update Jira issues in Slack channels

3. Getting ticket update alerts in Slack

Troopr's Jira Slack integration automatically syncs all updates between Slack and Jira. All the Jira updates from your team are captured in the Slack thread. This keeps the Slack thread up to date for the agents and employees to get the complete picture. Slack conversations are automatically captured and updated to Jira in real-time, keeping everyone on the same page.

Troopr's Jira Slack integration automatically syncs all updates between Slack and Jira

4. Processing approvals in Slack

Some requests have additional steps in the workflow allowing one or more approvers to make decisions (approve/decline) even before the request reaches your team. Troopr dynamically picks up and respects the approval workflow configurations from Jira to provide the same experience in Slack.

Approval request in Slack channel

5. Collecting feedback in Slack

Troopr automates the process of employee feedback collection in Slack. Troopr sends  automated feedback surveys to the customers in chat. The customer can file their responses.  Troopr collects and shares the feedback in easy to digest reports for your team to make informed decisions.

Collect project feedback instantly in Slack using Troopr

6. Getting actionable insights in Slack

Troopr sends actionable alerts on pending tickets that don't have an update in a while with recommended actions that you can take right in Slack. Get these reports in Slack channels to keep everyone including relevant stakeholders on the same page.

Get actionable insights about Jira issues in Slack channels

Top use cases for software project management with Jira Slack integration

Engineering teams find most value in delivering projects on time. Troopr’s Jira Slack integration comes with features that help the team collaborate in Slack while Troopr automatically updates Jira. Some of the top use cases for engineering teams include:

  1. Getting issue updates in Slack
  2. Creating & updating issues with Slack commands
  3. Creating & updating issues with emojis
  4. Getting issue preview in Slack
  5. Adding Slack conversations to Jira issues
  6. Checking Jira issues dashboard in Slack
  7. Sharing burndown chart in Slack
  8. Conducting Jira issue standup in Slack

1. Getting issue updates in Slack

Troopr can send immediate or periodic updates to you or your channels in Slack. You can set up your preferences to include only specific issues and only specific types of updates in those issues. This way you stay in full control over how often and how much information you receive in Slack.

Troopr also comes with powerful customization of every aspect of the update message so you can get as little or as detailed information.

These alerts are actionable so you can take action on those issues including updating status or any other field information. These action buttons are also fully customizable so you can choose to see action buttons that are most relevant to you or none at all.

Showing Jira issue update in Slack channel

2. Creating & updating issues with Slack commands

Troopr's Jira Sack integration assists users to quickly create, find and update jira issues anywhere in Slack with simple /t (slash t) commands. Troopr has the most comprehensive support for Jira actions available through commands. Some of the supported commands include

/t create  - to create a new issue

/t find - to search for an issue by keyword or issue key

/t list - to get list of issues with filtering options

/t status - to update status of an issue

/t comment - to add comment to an issue

/t link - to link an issue to another

/t log - to log time to an issue

/t sprint - to start/stop a sprint

For a full list of commands, syntax and examples, read the documentation.

Troopr comes with powerful custom commands functionality that allows you to create your own commands that you can use personally or share with members of your team. This allows you to create shortcuts to frequent actions and trigger them with commands.

Example: /t bug can be configured to create a bug in a specific project with high priority and in the current sprint.

For more about how to create custom commands, read the documentation.

Creating & updating issues with Slack commands

3. Creating & updating issues with emojis

Creating issues with emojis can be both fun and productive. For example Troopr comes with :ticket: emoji by default that converts any Slack conversation to a Jira issue based on defaults configured for the channel. You can use that to automatically create an issue or prompt users with a form.

Troopr also comes with more emoji actions including:

:eyes: emoji to add yourself as a watcher in the issue

:speech: emoji to add the Slack message as a comment to an existing issue

Read more about them.

Troopr also lets you set up your own custom emoji actions that will trigger a predetermined action. For example, you can create a :bug: emoji to convert a Slack message to a bug in a specific project with high priority and in the current sprint.

You can create custom emojis for your own personal use or share them with your team. Read more about how to set them up here.

 Creating Jira issues in Slack using emojis

4. Getting issue preview in Slack

Users can easily get immediate and current context about the issues they mention in any Slack channel. Troopr adds the context in a thread to the original message where the issue was mentioned. This allows people in the channel to quickly check the status, assignee and other information at a glance.

Troopr also lets you customize exactly what information will show up in the preview message including the action buttons that appear with them at channel level. This allows for a personalized experience for each team in your organization.

Troopr showing Jira issue preview in Slack

5. Adding Slack conversations to Jira issues

Troopr Jira Slack integration allows you to convert any Slack conversation to a Jira issue. This can be done using emojis or using Troopr’s Slack message actions. Read more about Slack’s message actions.

“Task It” message action converts any Slack message to a Jira issue

“Comment It” message action adds any Slack message as comment to a Jira issue

Troopr adding Slack conversations to Jira issues

6. Checking Jira issues dashboard in Slack

Troopr automatically created a Slack dashboard for each user with frequent actions, list of issues and more. This dashboard can be accessed by simply clicking on “Troopr Assistant” app in Slack. It can be customized for a more personal experience.

Jira issue dashboard in Slack

7. Sharing burndown chart in Slack

Troopr has a powerful reporting module that has the unique capability to share any Jira report or chart directly to you or your channels in Slack. You can choose from one of many report templates and schedule them to be delivered to Slack. Read more about Troopr reporting capabilities.

One of the popular report templates is the burndown chart. You can schedule them to be delivered to Slack periodically so your team stays on the same page on project progress and is also able to discuss and collaborate promptly and more efficiently in Slack.

Jira burndown chart in Slack channel

8. Conducting Jira issue standup in Slack

If you do daily stand ups for your team then Troopr’s Check-ins can automate the process for you in Slack. Troopr prompts your team members to answer questions and update the Jira issues assigned to them periodically. This way your team spends the least amount of time in status calls while Troopr keeps Jira up to date.

Jira issue standup in Slack

Ways to connect Slack and Jira

Troopr is not the only solution for your Jira Slack integraton needs.

You can build your own Jira Slack integration. You can set up an incoming webhook in Slack and configure Jira to send notifications to that webhook. This allows you to receive Jira notifications in specific Slack channels.

While Troopr app is purpose built for both engineering and IT use cases, there are other Slack apps that can be used as well. Jira Cloud and Jira Server Slack apps can be used for engineering team use cases. Halp Slack app can be used for IT support use cases.

All of these apps can be installed from the Slack App Directory or Atlassian marketplace. Regardless of the app, you will typically need to have permission to administer the Jira instance and the Slack workspace to set them up. Read more about benefits of Jira Slack integration with Troopr

Troopr vs Jira Cloud/Server app

Jira Cloud app is an Atlassian product to connect Jira Cloud and Slack. It is typically used to send notifications from Jira Cloud to you and your channels in Slack, preview Jira issues and create Jira tickets in Slack.

Jira Server app is an Atlassian product that connects Jira Server and Slack. It is typically used for sending notifications from Jira Server to you and your channels.

Troopr supports both Jira cloud and Server/DC and offers tons of advanced functionality including better customizability, advanced issue creation, previews, unique reporting capabilities, customizable emoji actions, support for Slack workflow and more.

For a more detailed comparison of the two products.

Troopr vs Halp

Halp is an Atlassian product for small teams to manage employee requests directly in Slack. It has its own ticketing system that has some integration with Jira.

Troopr’s HelpDesk product connects Slack and Jira Service management to manage employee requests in Slack. Compared to Halp, Troopr does not have its own ticketing system, so it does not duplicate data when integrating with Jira. Troopr does not store any project data and only provides bi-directional updates between Slack and Jira on demand.

Troopr also automatically maps Jira requests to make the creation forms in Slack. Troopr also provides advanced customizations that are not possible in Halp.

For a more detailed comparison, read here.

Enterprise ready

Troopr’s Jira Slack integration is built to meet the security and reliable performance requirements at large enterprise deployments. Troopr is battle tested at 1000s of large enterprise deployments over the years.

Troopr has been built from the ground up with security in mind. Troopr’s security focus ensures customer data protection, data integrity, service reliability and compliance to international security standards at every level. We partner with external auditors annually for SOC-II and ISO 27001 compliance. Read more about Troopr security.

Troopr’s enterprise offering includes support for on-premise deployment, Slack enterprise grid, bot whitelabeling, Slack workflow support, multi-level access control management and more. Troopr also provides premium 24*7 support, dedicated account manager, custom contracts, vendor evaluation, implementation and onboarding consultations and more. Read more about exclusive features and services.

Enterprise customers also get direct access to the Troopr product team in a shared Slack channel and all feature requests jump to the top of the queue automatically and get priority treatment. Troopr customer success team is accessible 24*7 365 and works closely with customers to ensure fastest value delivery for every team.

Troopr enterpise customers
Troopr enterprise customers

Getting started with Troopr

You can start your Troopr evaluation by adding Troopr to your Slack. It is free to try for 14 days and if you need more time, you can drop a note to the team

Troopr can also be installed from Atlassian Marketplace or Slack App Directory.

Once you have installed Troopr, you can connect Troopr to your Jira by following instructions in the app or here. Chat with us here if you need further assistance or clarifications.

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