Top 10 benefits of Slack Jira integration

‍If you are considering integrating your Slack and Jira or if you already have an integration in place and looking to make the most of it, you have come to the right place.

Slack as we know is the the most popular messaging and collaboration platform for technology teams while Jira is a leading project management software used to plan, track, and manage projects.

In this blog, we'll explore the top 10 benefits of Slack Jira integration and how it can help your team work more efficiently. 

Problems with disconnected tools

So why do we need to integrate Slack with Jira?

Stale data in Jira

Keeping Jira up-to-date can be a challenging task for any team. Stale data can lead to inaccurate reports, delays in issue resolution and project delivery.

Constant nudging 

It is a fact that most teams struggle to get their team members to log into Jira and navigate into the relevant issues to update them regularly. Managers end up having to nudge their team members in Slack to update but this is not an ideal solution.

Manual copy pasting 

With an integration between Slack and Jira, teams may have to manually copy and paste information between the two tools, which can be time-consuming and error-prone.

Difficulty in tracking progress

Without integration, it can be difficult to track the progress of tasks and projects in real-time, making it harder for team members to prioritize their work and manage their time effectively.

Reduced visibility

Without integration, visibility can be limited to only members of Jira and only those who are proficient with the tool. Others including many stakeholders end up asking for updates in Slack.

Why Slack?

Slack is where your team is. Statistically, your employees are signed in on Slack around 9 hours a day. Managing Jira issues in Slack eliminates the need to login into yet another app interface. It also reduces the time to complete update actions and let your team get back to work faster. 

With Troopr’s Slack Jira integration, you will fully automate updates between Slack and Jira and much more.

Top 10 benefits of Slack Jira integration

Here are some of the potential benefits for your team when you integrate Slack and Jira:

  1. Never miss important updates
  2. Stop manual copy paste
  3. Get issue context in Slack discussions
  4. Swarm on issues fo faster resolution
  5. Make Jira update fun with emojis
  6. Save time for team members 
  7. Save time for managers 
  8. Keep stakeholders on same page
  9. Automate your team standups
  10. Facilitate guests to access Jira

1. Never miss important updates

Most Jira emails are missed in all the noise. Some of them inform users of important updates to project progress. To prevent missing critical alerts, Troopr delivers these notifications in real-time in Slack. To keep your channels spam free, Troopr notifications come with granular customizations for message format, delivery frequency and types of issues and updates.

Troopr web app personal notification settings

2. Stop manual copy paste

Troopr enables automatic bi directional updates between Slack and Jira. Your Slack threads sync with connected Jira issues in real time. Whenever a Jira issue discussion happens in the Slack thread it will automatically update that as comments in the Jira issue and any updates to the issue are shared in the thread. You can also set up this automatic sync in a dedicated Slack channel. 

You no longer have to manually copy paste between Slack and Jira.

Troopr automatically syncing Slack requests with Jira issue

3. Get issue context in Slack discussions

When someone mentions a Jira issue in a channel, Troopr will automatically show a preview of the message along with the latest status and attributes. This saves a lot of time looking it up from Jira and keeps everyone in the channel on the same page. 

Troopr allows you to customize the preview message so it shows only the information and actions relevant to your team. 

Showing a clear view of Jira issue in Slack channel

4. Swarm on issues for faster resolution

When Troopr brings an important issue or project update to Slack, it allows for everyone in the channel to discuss and act on it together as a team. You can also bring more relevant people into the discussion when that will help with faster resolution.

Some examples include engineering teams setting up nudges for high priority issues that have not had an update recently or IT teams setting up a dedicated channel for critical incident resolution. 

5. Make Jira updates fun with emojis

Troopr has a fun way to use emojis - to trigger update actions in Jira. Just drop an :check-mak: emoji to mark an issue as done. You can also use emoji to create a new Jira issue using the message in Slack.

Troopr has some default emoji to create, update and comment on Jira issue in Slack channels

🎫 - To convert any Slack conversation into Jira issue

👀 - To add yourself as a watcher in the issue

💬 - Using this emoji makes you to add comment to an existing issue.

You can also create emoji actions on your own in Troopr web app

Keeping Jira updates interesting and fun for your team makes it a win win for team members and stakeholders.

Troopr emoji actions  feautre allowing users to create Jira issue in Slack with emojis

6. Save time for team members 

Issue updates are now one click away. No need to login to Jira, no need to navigate and find issues to update. When it is time, your team members get a recommendation with a button to complete the action directly in Slack.

If you like a command interface, Troopr’s /t command will allow your team members to create issues, update them and log time all by just typing a short command anywhere in Slack. Troopr comes with a long list of default commands. You or your team members can also set up personalized custom commands. Read more about it here.

Engineering teams can save time by using Troopr /t commands

7. Save time for managers 

Troopr can automate the routine work including sending nudges to team members in Slack. You can customize the schedule, criteria and recommended actions to make it relevant for your specific needs. 

Examples of such nudges include reminders that require the team's attention such as stale issues, overdue issues and potential blockers or SLA breach. These nudges can be sent directly to team members in Slack channels.

Actionable Nudges in Slack

8. Keep stakeholders on same page

Many stakeholders don't go into Jira to look for project insights. How about if you allow them to find critical insights directly in Slack? They can glance at them before an important meeting or share with others and initiate a contextual discussion.

Troopr offers a collection of over 20 pre-built report templates and a fully customizable report builder that you can share insights with your team. These chart reports also come with buttons that allow drill through actions for deeper insights.

Some of the popular reports include Burndown chart, velocity chart, issue by status, workload distribution chart, SLA report and more. You can create custom reports from scratch using Jira data and share them in Slack as well.

Troopr helps engineering teams to keep their stakeholders up to date in Slack

9. Automate your team standups

What if you can replace or cut time in your routine standup meetings? 

Troopr can automatically ask your team questions on a schedule, with replies & context from Jira rolled up in one report. Troopr can also poll each team member to update specific issues assigned to them in the current sprint.

Yet another way for managers to save time by connecting Slack and Jira.

Troopr automated standup meeting in Slack

10. Facilitate guests to access Jira 

Troopr sends actionable notifications to Slack channels when a blocker arises. This feature enables engineering teams to take proactive measures to address the issue promptly. Also, Troopr reports can smartly identify potential blockers and promptly bring them to your team's attention. This not only aids in timely resolution of the issue, but also enables your team to privately discuss the blocker on Slack and prevent the problem from recurring in the future.

Troopr assists non Jira users to create Jira issues in Slack

Why Troopr?

Troopr is the most comprehensive integration of Jira and Slack, there are other options available as well including the Slack add-on provided with Jira. For a full comparison of Troopr vs native bots, read here.

Troopr Jira Slack integration also benefit IT teams. Troopr is built for growing teams and large enterprises. Troopr is trusted by over 3000 teams including many large enterprises. Here are a few of them:

Troopr top enterprise customers

Getting Started with Troopr

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