Free Jira Slack integration solution in 2023

If you are a small team looking for a free Jira Slack integration or a large team evaluating a mature but affordable one, you are at the right place.

Troopr Slack integration for Jira and Atlassian add-on Slack bots for Jira Cloud and Jira Server are your options as of January 2023. These solutions are our focus of comparison in this blog.

Ways to connect Slack and Jira

There are many ways to connect Slack and Jira. You can write code manually and build your own Slack bot for your Jira or use one of the prebuilt apps. 

The recommended approach is to use a purpose built bot for your use case. For more details on different types of integrations, read this blog on how to connect Slack and Jira.

If budget is your concern, you can start with one of the free options and grow into premium solutions as your team’s needs grow.

Support for Jira variants

Jira Slack integration is a connection between Slack and your Jira allowing users to receive alerts, and perform Jira updates directly from Slack. 

Jira comes in two forms - Jira Software and Jira Service Management and each of them come in Cloud and self-hosted Server/DC variants. Troopr is the only solution that supports all variants. Jira add-on Slack plugins are available for Jira Software cloud and Jira Software Server/DC

Jira cloud, Jira server, Troopr support for Slack variants

What is Troopr’s Slack integration for Jira?

Troopr is an established workflow automation provider building Slack integration for Jira for engineering and IT teams. Some of the customers of Troopr include Zynga (T2), Snowflake, Netflix, Starbucks and Wayfair.

Troopr products include:

Slack integration for Jira Software

Slack integration for Jira Service management

Slack integration for Confluence

Slack Charts and Reports for Jira

Slack Check-in meetings for Jira

What are the Jira add-on Slack plugins?

Atlassian Jira comes with its own free add-on for Slack that provides some of the essential features when connecting Slack and Jira. 

Atlassian free add-ons include:

Slack plugin for Jira Server

Slack plugin for Jira Cloud

Both the solutions come with similar features so we will be comparing Troopr vs the above plugins as one. 

Comparison of free tiers

Troopr is free to try for 14 days for any team. Small teams can avail the free version of Troopr by installing Troopr in your Slack and then writing to

Free tier user restriction

Troopr - Up to 25 users

Jira add-on bot - No user restrictions

Once you install Troopr, write to to activate your free tier pricing.

Free tier feature limitations

Troopr - No limitations

Jira add-on bot - No limitations

Cost of upgrade

Growing team (up to 500 users)

Troopr - starts at USD 49 pm

Native bot - free

Large enterprises

Troopr - priced based on number of users 

Native bot - no specific enterprise offering

Read more about Troopr pricing here.

Comparison of key features

Here we will go over some of the key differences between Troopr and Jira add-ons.

Comparison of key services

Troopr is built to work for large enterprises and small startups. So you can start on the free tier and grow with Troopr. 

Complementary features unique to Troopr

  1. Share Jira charts in Slack
  2. Schedule Jira reminders in Slack
  3. Jira Check-ins in Slack
  4. Auto suggest Confluence articles in Slack

Share Jira charts in Slack

Troopr makes it simple to share actionable Jira charts in Slack channels such as burndown, velocity charts or any custom chart. 

You can pick from over 30 Troopr chart report templates and customize in a few clicks. Using data from your Jira account, you can also build a custom report from scratch. Troopr supports visualization of Jira data in a line chart, bar chart or pie chart. Everything from report data to scheduling to delivery channels and chart type and drill down actions are fully customizable.

Schedule Jira reminders in Slack

You can schedule reports that nudge a person or a team to take action in Slack. Some of the popular use cases include sending reminders about open issues or overdue issues or missing estimates or potential SLA breaches or stale issues to the relevant team members in Slack.

Jira Check-ins in Slack

Troopr Check-ins are a way to automate standup meetings, retrospectives, planning poker and other team meetings in Slack. 

When you use Troopr Check-ins to conduct your team standup meetings, Troopr will automatically ask your team questions on a schedule, with replies & context from Jira rolled up in one report. These reports are shared in both team channels and on the web dashboard.

Troopr Check-ins are deeply integrated with your Jira projects. Any Jira issue referenced in participant response is automatically expanded (unfurled) with a summary of the issue and a link in Slack channel.

Also recent activities of the participants in Jira are automatically collected and appended into the Check-in report. See a Standup Check-in report below.


Auto suggest Confluence articles in Slack

Troopr automatically answers any request made in designated support channels in Slack. Troopr suggests matching articles for the messages from connected Confluence spaces. This allows for repetitive employee requests to be answered automatically. 

Read more about how Troopr Wiki works here.

Why choose Troopr

  • Maximizes ROI on Jira investment and saves 1000s of hours for every team.
  • Highly customizable for every needs of your teams.
  • Free offering for small teams with the best competitive price for others.
  • Superior feature offering - 10x more features in comparison.
  • Superior support and implementation assistance.
  • Trusted by 2000+ agile teams worldwide.
  • Built for enterprises. Trusted by Fortune 500 companies.
  • Actively developed in 2023 with new updates released every week
  • All-in-one tool to that solves for multiple automation use cases across teams

Getting started with Troopr

To start your Troopr free evaluation (no credit card required), install Troopr to your Slack workspace by clicking this link. It takes less than 5 minutes.

You can also activate the free plan for your team if you are 25 or fewer people in your Slack workspace. Just drop a note to and mention the Slack workspace where you have Troopr installed.

Troopr Jira slack integration is compatible with all features available for Jira Cloud, Server and Data Center.

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