Instant Planning Poker
for your task estimation meetings

Conduct planning poker meetings in Slack with quick setup, automated results and discussions built-in. Your scrum poker events need not be tedious and time-consuming anymore.

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Thousands of teams love Troopr

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Why Troopr Instant Planning Poker

Better Engagement

Slack is where your team is. Troopr Instant Planning Poker works directly and entirely in Slack allowing for easy participation and discussions.

Zero Onboarding

Just click to participate. There is no onboarding or even signup process. No need to login to or learn another tool.

Deep Jira Integration

Just mention the Jira issue key and Troopr will pull the issue details automatically. Troopr also automatically updates final estimates in Jira tickets.


Participants can respond when they get a moment  directly in Slack from wherever they are. Works both synchronously and asynchronously for hybrid remote teams.

Built for Enterprises

Implementation assistance so you can learn from the experts on how best to set Troopr up for your team for success.

Security assistance during your vendor security and risk assessment evaluation. 

24/7 support via email, chat and Slack channels for your continuous premium support needs

Legal assistance to ensure Data Processing Agreement and Terms of Service meet the needs of your organization

Directly cut to the front of the queue for new feature requests. We share a prioritized roadmap for your requests with periodic updates.

Dedicated account manager for the lifetime of your account to handle all the requests from your team


How Troopr Instant Planning Poker works


Setup instantly 

Set up the meeting by entering

/t poker [task key] in your Slack channel

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Pick any estimation method

Choose from built in estimation methods or make your own estimates list

Get automated report 

Troopr compiles an aggregate report in the same channel

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Re-run the meeting any number of times until there is agreement on final estimate

Remote Friendly

Troopr planning poker meetings can run synchronously in a Slack channel when everyone is available but also supports asynchronous mode of operation.  Asynchronous mode is important for distributed hybrid remote teams because

  1. Fewer interruptions: Dont break the flow of work and allow team members to check-in when they get a moment.

  2. Auto recording: Troopr records the meeting so there is no need for manual note taking and people can refer back to the meeting report anytime.

  3. Timezone flexibility: Asynchronous meetings provide an inclusive approach for your remote / hybrid teams by eliminating the need to all be at the same time. 

  4. Location flexibility: Your team can respond when they get a moment any time directly in Slack from wherever they are.

Automate other scrum ceremonies with Troopr

Standup Check-in

Try Troopr’s Standup Check-in to schedule regular update of your team’s daily task progress in Slack. 

  1. Pick participants

  2. Choose recurring schedule

  3. Choose daily task progress questions

  4. Generate a web report

Retrospective Check-in

Try Troopr’s Retrospective Check-in to stay updated with your team’s improvement in a sprint.

  1. Pick participants

  2. Choose a recurring schedule

  3. Choose a retro templates

  4. Generate retrospective report

Free Forever

Instant Planning Poker is 100% free for your agile team. Conduct unlimited number of planning poker meetings for unlimited users without any time limits. 


Upgrade for even more

Upgrade to Troopr’s standard planning poker Check-in to schedule your planning poker for later. It also includes ability to 

  1. Pick participants

  2. Choose recurring schedule

  3. Generate web reports

  4. Ability to configure administrators 

  5. Ability to configure multiple issues

  6. Ability to configure dynamic list of issues based on Jira JQL

Bring Slack planning poker to your team today