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Get easy setup, instant engagement, deep Jira integration and rich insights. Introduce your team to faster and better standups, retrospectives, planning poker and more. All for a flat affordable price.

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Troopr vs Geekbot


Easy setup in Slack

Automatic Jira, Github activity collection

Custom schedule, questions reporting

Automatic reminders

Multi time zone support

Team mood survey

Shared channel support

Email summaries

Historical reports with drill down

Engagement and analytics

Role based permissions

Automated ticket creation

Retrospectives support

Planning Poker support































Troopr Features


Daily team meeting for quick status update. Troopr also automatically collects activities from your tools like Jira and aggregates them in the report.


End of Project / Sprint meeting to self inspect and plan for future improvements.  Troopr extracts unique actionable information from participant feedback for tracking.

Planning Poker

Conduct planning poker with your team. Team can continue to discuss the estimated numbers in the Slack thread until there is agreement.

Instant Planning Poker

Conduct planning poker instantly with a single command. Troopr aggregates the estimates in a report and sends it in the Slack channel.

Team Mood

Get a better sense of your team mood to build trust and teamwork with a simple question that takes less than a minute to answer.

Jira issues Check-in

Answer by directly updating Jira issues assigned to you directly from your Slack workspace.

Easy setup

Setup Check-ins with three easy steps- select template, configure the schedule, questions and report delivery, get reports and analytics.

Easy answer

Answer easy Check-in questions and track progress of your team without switching workspaces.    

Conversational answering

Troopr allows users to answer Check-ins questions in a conversational format. Enhance the quality of the Check-in conversation with added rich formatting.

Report dashboard

Get the full report of check-in answers with Jira issues mentioned. Web Reports are convenient to browse and easier to search historical data.

Insights dashboard

Find how team members contributed over a period of time. Use data as a log of team member achievements.

History dashboard

Drill down by user and question for a particular duration to gain more insights. View historical data to track user engagement.  

Home dashboard

Administrators can view the entire list of their team's Check-ins with the option to search and filter them.

Issue context

References to issues from Jira are automatically linked and expanded in the Check-in reports in a Slack channel thread.


Jira project activities like updates, comments, status change and much more are attached in the Check-in responses in Slack.

Update Issues

While using Jira issues Check-in, participants can update their issues directly in Slack which will automatically get updated in Jira.

Multi time zone support

Make your meetings effective by time-boxing discussions. Run check-in meetings at specific times based on each user's timezone. Ideal for distributed teams.

Check-in with external users

Run cross-team Standups in Slack shared channel. Add people from your partners, contractors teams in your meetings. Get one shared report for the entire team.

Team holidays

Configure for the team or individual team members. Troopr will not send them prompts and will account for the leaves in the reports. Admins can also mark for employees.

Planned Absences

When you don't want to be bothered during vacation, set up your planned absences in Troopr. Troopr will turn off your notifications when you are out of office.

Manual reminders

Troopr also allows you to send manual reminders for team members so they don’t miss out to participate in the Check-in.

Bulk upload absences data

Troopr allows you to set up planned absences for your team members individually or in bulk in CSV format.

Multiple administrators

Troopr supports administrator roles at both Check-in level and account level. Every account and Check-in can have one or more designated administrators.

Late submissions

Troopr Check-ins allow late submission by default. This means that participants can continue to answer the Check-in after the wait time is over.

Allow skip

Employees can now choose to skip Check-ins. The summary report will include participants who skipped or marked leave.

Answer ahead of schedule

You can submit answers to the next Check-in ahead of time by enabling ‘Next answer’ in Troopr Assistant Slack home or Troopr webapp.

Anonymous participation

Troopr supports anonymous participation in Check-ins like planning poker and task check-ins.

Export Report

Administrators can export Troopr Check-in reports for current day or for past reports in PDF format from the Troopr webapp.

Customize mood options

Customize the emoji mood options you want to present to the team during the Check-in. Choose between the pre existing emoji options or create custom options.

Automated reminders

Troopr automatically sends reminders 15 min prior to the end of wait time for the Check-in.

Slack Grid Support

Troopr supports workspaces across the Slack Grid seamlessly. Troopr user profiles in Slack grid are shared across workspaces in the grid.

Wayfair Inc. is a USD 4.5B American e-commerce company based in Boston that sells furniture and home goods online.


They tried building Slack bots in-house but that proved to be both a time-consuming and expensive exercise. Management of custom solutions were also distracting their teams from their core work.


With Troopr, they have connected their Jira Software  to Slack channels to bring context and updates to Jira issues, and tickets to Slack and make it easy for them to take action directly from Slack

Netflix is a $30B subscription streaming service and production company. Netflix vision is to entertain the world with best-in-class TV series, documentaries, feature films and mobile games.


With a distributed team, Netflix engineering was finding it challenging to keep everyone on the same page on who's doing what and current status of projects.


With Troopr Check-ins, Netflix conducts weekly sync-up meetings in Slack. Troopr Check-in meetings are asynchronous and will prompt team members based on their timezone for an update.

Snowflake Inc. is USD 45B cloud computing–based data warehousing company founded in July 2012. The firm offers a cloud-based data storage and analytics service.


Snowflake perceived weekly sync-up meetings as time-consuming as there is repeated manual context switching from work to attend zoom calls for the status updates.


With Troopr Check-ins, teams conduct meetings asynchronously in Slack. The team members participate at their convenient time.Troopr compiles the report along with issue context and activities from Jira

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