Standup Bot for Agile teams using Slack

Take back time from expensive standup (daily scrum) meetings.

Try asynchronous progress updates collected over Slack that automatically includes activity summary from your team's tools like Jira and GitHub.

  1. Troopr prompts your team to provide a brief update of what they are up to in Slack

  2. References to issues from Jira, GitHub are automatically expanded and linked

  3. Activity summary from tools like Jira, GitHub are automatically included

  4. Troopr compiles an aggregated report and shares in your Slack channel

Prioritize Work over Meetings

  • No more disruptive meeting. Team members respond when they get a moment any time of the day to update the team.

  • No more long discussions. Team members respond with just one chat message.

  • No more hopping into a meeting room (physical or virtual). Team members can respond from wherever they are.

Keep Everyone in the loop

  • No more asking around for updates. All team work related information in one place.

  • No more manual meeting notes. Troopr Standup Bot compiles meeting report that can be shared with anyone.

  • No more last minute surprises. Leadership has access to all information so they can solve issues as they arise 

Collaborate with people outside your company

  • Run cross-team Standups in Slack shared channel

  • Add people from your vendors, partners, contractors teams in your standup as participants

  • Get one shared report for the entire team

Deeper insights into your team work

  • Find how team members contributed over a period of time. Use data as log of team member achievements.

​Free forever for teams up to 10 users

Other Benefits

  • Easy setup Daily Scrum or a weekly Standup directly in Slack

  • Setup standup for participants everyday, everyweek or at any custom frequency 

  • Setup any number of custom questions for each standup or daily scrum

  • Participants will be nudged to complete the standup few minutes before report is prepared

  • Snooze requests when you are busy so Troopr will get back to you later

  • Run standup at specific time based on each user's timezone. Ideal for distributed teams

  • Get visibility into how well the team is doing with user engagement report

  • Every customer gets responsive customer support directly from the product engineering team

  • Troopr adopts industry standard methods for best in class security

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