Troopr Slack Standup Bot

Troopr Assistant TeamSync skill is the quickest way to to setup and run your team standup meetings without ever leaving Slack.

Standup Setup in Slack

Put your team standup meeting on auto pilot. Schedule and track your standups without leaving Slack 

Automatic Nudges

Automatically nudge for updates before deadline with Troopr Standup Bot for Slack.

State of the Team Report

Get an aggregated report with responses from all team members. 

Engage your team

Celebrate the small wins. Let your team know that you appreciate every contribution.

Do more in Slack with Troopr

Task Bot

Standup Bot

Jira Bot

Daily Briefing

Get personalized daily briefing with action items from Troopr Tasks, Jira Issues and Standup Meetings


Track standalone reminders, Troopr task reminders, Jira issue reminders and more

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