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Justin, Founder - YAC

We use Slack for basically everything from scheduling calls with clients ( ftw) to reminders for ourselves. I found Troopr when looking for alternatives to Standuply and man is it cool. It's still early, but I'm hoping it can completely replace Slack reminders for us and I'd like to not use Zapier anymore for daily standup requests. 

Vijayan, Founder - Dineout

I start my day checking the Troopr report. It includes a project and standup meeting summary. It gives me the visibility I need and I immediately know exactly what needs to be done without the need to meet with multiple people. We are a fast growing 30+ member team in food tech space. We were one of the early adopters of Troopr and we love how their team spent time to proactively seek and act on our feedback.

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