Online Retrospectives for agile teams

"Sprint Retrospective, or Sprint Retro in short, is an opportunity for the Scrum Team to inspect itself and create a plan for improvements"

Troopr Check-ins is the best way to conduct online Retrospectives in Slack


How Troopr Retrospectives works

  1. Select "Retrospective" template in Troopr Check-in

  2. Customize your schedule, participants and reporting options 

  3. Troopr prompts your team appropriately for response in Slack

  4. Troopr compiles an aggregated report and shares in Slack

  5. Convert Retro feedback into Jira issues without leaving Slack

Why Troopr

Don’t learn another tool

Slack is where your team work happens everyday. Troopr Scrum ceremonies automations work completely in Slack. No need to set up and learn another tool.

All-in-one package

Troopr Check-ins comes with many templates for scrum events including daily scrum, planning poker, backlog grooming, retrospectives and more.

Deep Jira Integration

Search and add Jira issues, create issues from participant responses and automatically expand context for any Jira issues mentioned as part of response by any participant.

Prioritize work over meetings

Troopr Check-ins are asynchronous by default. Team members respond when they get a moment any time during the Check-in, directly in Slack from wherever they are.

Improved Team Engagement

Customize retro templates to make the meeting interesting. Automated reminders to encourage active contribution

Troopr Retrospective Check-in Features

Easy Setup & Engagement in Slack

  • No more disruptive meeting, team members respond when they get a moment any time of the day to update the team

  • Customize schedule, participants, questions and reporting options to fit your team's needs

  • Pick from variety of available Retro templates and customize to your team needs

  • Get your retrospective done effortlessly in your Slack channel

Convert feedback into Jira issues in Slack

  • Any retrospective feedback can be converted into a new or part of Jira issue at a fraction of time without leaving Slack

  • Save context of new issues created from retro feedback

  • Automatically link and expand context for any Jira issues mentioned as part of response by any participant

Retrospective summary

  • Automatically cumulates teams’ responses into a beautiful web report and shares in common Slack channel

  • Web Reports are convenient to browse and easier to search historical data.

  • You can also export the report data out for when you need it

Retrospective history & Engagement reports

  • See all your previous retros in one place

  • Find how team members contributed over a period of time, use the data as a log of team member achievements

  • Browse and filter reports by user to look for opportunities to improve team engagement

Collaborate with people outside your company

  • Run cross-team Retros in Slack shared channel

  • Add people from your vendors, partners, contractors teams in your retrospective as participants

  • Get one shared report for the entire team

Loved by agile teams

"I have already recommended Troopr to others in our organisation"

Head Of Creative/Immersive

"Troopr has been very effective for our weekly standup. No longer are we filling out Google doc - a single Slack threat now suffices."


"A shout out to Troopr Labs Inc who make great Slack apps that accelerate agile teams. Their team turned around two feature suggestions from our team in as many weeks. Incredible."

Client Delivery Lead/Candid Partners 

"Simple, easy to add in Slack and have anice dashboard to download the Standup"

Product Design Lead/

"Sending Jira burndown automatically in Slack. That’s the main reason I am using it for"


"I love the product and think there is a lot of potential here."

Senior Product Manager/Zeno Media

Troopr All-in-one Scrum Bot Automations

Daily Scrum

Daily team meeting for quick status update

Planning Poker

Conduct planning poker to collaboratively determine task complexities with your team

Backlog refinement 

Run a backlog grooming session with your team to determine completeness of tasks in backlog

Sprint Planning 

Get your team to collaboratively choose tasks for upcoming Sprint


End of Project or Sprint meeting to self inspect and plan for future improvements

Other Troopr Retrospective Benefits

  • Easy setup and custom recurring retrospectives directly in Slack

  • Setup check-in for participants at any custom frequency

  • Setup any number of custom questions for each retrospective

  • Participants will be nudged to complete the retrospective few minutes before report is prepared

  • Snooze requests when you are busy so Troopr will get back to you later

  • Run retrospective at a specific time based on each user's local timezone. Ideal for distributed teams

  • Get visibility into how well the team is doing with user engagement report

  • Every customer gets responsive customer support directly from the product engineering team

  • Troopr adopts industry standard methods for best in class security

Still undecided? 

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