Anandrathi is a financial services company based in India. Anandrathi offers Wealth Management, Investment Banking, Corporate Finance & Advisory, Brokerage and Distribution services.


The Product teams at Anandrathi use Jira Software Cloud for managing projects. There is a general hatred for engineers to context switch from work to update Jira, resulting in poor data hygiene in Jira. Also they perceived daily standup meetings as time consuming as there is repeated manual context switching from work to attend zoom calls for the status updates.


With Troopr, the teams are on the same page on the latest updates to Jira issues and are able to act on them when needed directly from Slack. With Troopr, team members are reminded about critical project issues directly in Slack. These reports comes with suggested actions that are fulfilled in a few clicks. Also with Troopr, teams conduct daily standups asynchronously in Slack. Troopr automatically pulls issue context and recent activities from Jira for the report.


Troopr helped Anandrathi adopt agile processes that saved time without changing existing workflows.

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Jira Cloud

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Asia/ Kolkata

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