Boosted is a Canada based artificial intelligence company that enhances portfolio management outcomes for the global financial industry.


The Engineering team at Boosted use Jira Software Cloud for managing their projects. Keeping Jira current was always a challenge. Also the requests that require technical escalation land into 2nd level support teams in their Jira. Each team works in dedicated Slack channels where they discuss the tickets. Manually syncing updates in Slack to Jira vice versa is tedious and prone to errors


With Troopr, the teams have connected Jira projects to Slack channels. They have set up actionable notifications and custom emoji for converting Slack conversations to Jira issues. Important issue alerts are received in Slack. The team can discuss and take actions directly from Slack channels. With Troopr, the tech support teams have all the important updates to the tickets delivered to Slack channel where the team can discuss and update them. Troopr automatically keeps all updates in sync between Slack and Jira and the team doesn't have to copy paste anymore.


Connecting Jira and Slack has saved time without changing the existing workflow for the Boosted team

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Jira Cloud

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America/ New York

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