Bowery Valuation is a tech enabled commercial real estate appraisal firm based in New York. The company raises USD $35M to build powerful technology that the appraisers use everyday.


The internal support teams at Bowery use Slack and Jira to collaborate on support tickets. They help employees with financial and accounting support requests in Slack but have to keep Jira updated as well. This introduces challenges in manually copy pasting Slack conversations to update corresponding Jira tickets and vice versa. The engineering team was adopting agile methodologies and scrum ceremonies. Repeated context switching from work to attend zoom calls took an expensive toll on the team’s ability to get work done. And the team was looking for a solution to conduct effective scrum ceremonies in Slack.


With Troopr, support agents have set up a triage channel in Slack where they get alerts about new tickets and updates to existing tickets. They can discuss and resolve the requests in the channel. They have also connected Troopr to the Slack channel to bring automatic responses from Confluence and auto deflects some of the requests. Employees also get the convenience to keep posting their requests in Slack while Troopr takes care of automatically keeping Slack and Jira in sync. With Troopr, the engineering team runs scrum meetings asynchronously in Slack. Team members participate at their convenience. Troopr compiles a report and shares it in Slack channels and in a dashboard on the web.


Troopr improved support response times 80% and resolution times by 40% without changing the existing workflow for Bowery valuation team.

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New York

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