Celink is an American based fintech company offering reverse mortgage services.


The Engineering teams at Celink use Jira Software Cloud for managing their projects. Keeping Jira current was always a challenge and it did not give a full picture on project progress. The team members naturally collaborated in Slack and they were looking for a solution to use Jira in Slack.


With Troopr, the engineering teams receive actionable alerts about specific updates to Jira issues in Slack. They can discuss and take actions without leaving Slack. With Troopr, they receive prompts on missing updates and progress reports directly in their Slack channels. This keeps the team aligned on the project progress in Slack.


Troopr has improved data hygiene in Jira with a positive downstream impact on project forecasting and delivery.

Integrated Products

Jira cloud

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Primary location

Lansing, MI 48906, United States

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