Clickup is a 4B company with a vision to save people time by making work more productive with software that brings all the work together in a single platform.


Product development, site reliability engineering and tech support teams at Clickup collaborate on projects using Slack. The teams were adopting agile methodologies and scrum ceremonies. Given the distributed nature of their team, getting everyone on at the same time for periodic standup meetings was inefficient. Also repeated context switching from work to attend zoom calls took an expensive toll on the team’s ability to get work done. So they wanted an easy and quick way to implement scrum ceremonies and keep everyone on the same page.


Clickup chose Troopr to run scrum meetings asynchronously in Slack. Team members participate at their convenience. Troopr compiles a report and shares it in Slack channels and in a dashboard on the web.


Technical teams at Clickup save time running async meetings in Slack with Troopr. Troopr automate the manual work in setting up team meetings and keeping a record of minutes and action items for future reference.

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