Creditas is a USD 5B financial technology firm. They are the largest fintech for secured loans in Brazil. Creditas vision is to lower interest rates for Brazilians through quality loans and thus help people achieve their life projects.


The product and engineering teams at Creditas use Jira Software and Slack extensively for work. With many of the team members working remotely it was challenging for everyone to be on the same page and keep Jira, the source of truth for projects, current. Engineering teams were also looking for ways to improve agility through adoption of scrum ceremonies like standups, planning poker for their remote teams without adding another zoom call.


With Troopr, engineering teams are able to collaborate on scrum ceremonies like daily scrum and planning poker asynchronously in Slack. This saves time for both the developers and their managers. With Troopr, all project teams are on the same page on the latest updates to Jira issues and are able to act on them in realtime when needed directly from Slack. With Troopr, team members are reminded about critical project issues automatically before it impacts delivery dates. This helps developers to keep Jira up to date with switching context from Slack. Project managers now dont have to keep asking for status or nudge people every time to take action and update in Jira.


Automating async meetings and Jira updates has helped improve team agility, save time and deliver projects on time.

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