Digistore24 is a Florida, USA based online sales platform that offers you an integrated online store. Digistore24’s vision is to transform the world of online business through automation and conversion optimization.


The IT operations teams at Digistore24 use Jira and Slack extensively for work. IT support requests coming up in Slack or via web portal are created and tracked as Jira tickets. The IT Ops team regularly discusses these tickets in Slack but have to keep Jira updated as well. This introduces challenges in manually copy pasting Slack conversations to update corresponding Jira tickets and vice versa.


With Troopr HelpDesk, the IT Ops team has setup a triage channel in Slack where they get alerts about new tickets and updates to existing tickets. They can go ahead and discuss and resolve the requests in the channel while Troopr takes care of automatically keeping Slack and Jira in sync.


Troopr has improved IT support delivery experience for the IT Ops team while saving time and automating the mundane tasks.

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Jira Cloud

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Niedersachsen, Germany

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