Dream11 is a USD 8B sports technology company based in Mumbai, India.It is a strategy based online sports game with 1000+ daily contests and 13 crore+ users


IT and support teams at Dream11 use Slack and Jira to collaborate on work. IT teams have dedicated public channels where they collect requests from employees and dedicated private channels where they assign and work on open tickets. Creating and tracking these requests to resolution is a chore with manual copy pasting and pinging for updates. Customer requests that require technical escalation land into 2nd level support teams at Dream11 in their Jira. Each team works in dedicated Slack channels where they discuss the tickets. Manually syncing updates in Slack to Jira vice versa is a chore and prone to errors. Also for requests that require approval, there are significant delays in getting managers to review and approve those requests.


With Troopr, IT teams collect requests the same way as they did in Slack but now Troopr handles all updates between Slack and Jira. Troopr’s real time bi-directional updates ensure every conversation including media attachments are captured and updated in Jira and every update to the Jira ticket is promptly communicated to all relevant people in Slack. With agent triage channels in Troopr, support teams are able to track all requests coming in from support channels or private channels or via email or portal - all in one place. Technical support teams have each set up dedicated Slack channels for triage. Based on the nature of the customer request, Troopr automatically routes the issue to the respective Slack channels. Troopr automatically keeps all updates in sync between Slack and Jira and the agents don't have to copy paste anymore. Troopr also automates the approval process by integrating approval workflow with Slack. Troopr brings all the approval messages in one place in Slack, so the manager can open the requests and process approvals in a single click in Slack. Dream11 gets even more value with automating repetitive employee requests, Troopr delivering real time insights from Jira to stakeholders in Slack and Troopr serving as an automated project manager, collecting real time insights on what is going on with the team.


The IT support team has seen over 90% reduction in median response times and over 40% resolution time all while delivering more efficient workflows for reporting and team meetings.

Integrated Products

Jira Cloud, Slack Grid

Team size


Primary location

Mumbai, India

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