A million dollar gaming company on a mission to build the world's largest real-time free to play casual games. They now hosts 1M+ daily active users and 200M+ player connections with 195 countries playing their games.


They use Slack and Jira for collaboration at work. NOC teams have set up Jira to track production issues. NOC alerts come to Slack in real time but the team has to manually create tickets in Jira. IT and security teams have set up Jira service management to track employee requests. Most employee requests are typically posted directly in Slack channels. Agents end up manually copy pasting Slack conversations to Jira tickets and vice versa that means higher response times and resolution times.


With Troopr HelpDesk, NOC teams have set up dedicated private channels to collect NOC alerts and turn them into Jira tickets. Troopr’s real time bi-directional updates ensure every conversation including media attachments are captured and updated in Jira and vice versa. With Troopr HelpDesk, IT support teams have set up dedicated public channels for employees to report issues in Slack. Troopr takes care of creating and syncing them with Jira. With Troopr Reports, IT teams were able to receive actionable alerts about potential SLA breach before it was too late.


IT and NOC teams improved productivity with more efficient workflows in Slack while delivering 90% improvement to response times.

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Jira Service Management (Server), Slack

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