Grammarly is a USD 13B cloud-based typing assistant company that uses artificial intelligence to identify and search for an appropriate replacement for typing errors. Grammarly’s vision is to improve lives by improving communication.


The IT support teams at Grammarly use Jira Software and Slack extensively for work. Customer support issues that are to be handled by the IT support team are created in their Jira. However it is a lot of manual work to track the current status and discuss priority customer tickets.


With Troopr Grammarly support team has all the important updates to customer tickets delivered to Slack channel where the team can discuss and update them. IT support manager conducts daily standup meetings in Slack using Troopr. Troopr finds the relevant Jira issues and prompts the participants for updates periodically.


Troopr meeting automations saves time for everyone and brings better alignment for their remote teams. Connecting Jira to Slack also ensures the entire team sees and stays on the same page on every customer issue.

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Jira Cloud

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California, United States

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