Mahana Therapeutics is a digital therapeutics company based in California. The company has raised USD 81M to empower people with chronic conditions to lead fuller lives through digital therapies.


Engineering and product teams at Mahana Therapeutics use Jira and Slack for work collaboration. While user engagement is high in Slack, the team was looking for a solution to keep the teams aligned on Jira project work in Slack.


With Troopr, product teams receive real time alerts about specific updates to Jira issues. Troopr alerts messages allow team members to easily take followup action without leaving Slack. With Troopr, product teams receive prompts for missing story points and stakeholders receive burndown charts and other progress reports directly in their channels. With Troopr, product teams are able to conduct scrum ceremonies including standup, retrospective and planning poker asynchronously in Slack.


With efficient project management workflows in Slack, Mahana Therapeutics teams are able to stay agile and deliver projects on time.

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Jira cloud

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San Francisco

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