Marqeta is a USD 4B company headquartered in California. Marqeta brings speed and efficiency to card issuing and payment processing with the world's first open API platform. The platform is built from the ground up to power an innovative payment experience for many of the apps and services that we use on a daily basis.


The application & cloud security teams at Marqeta use Jira and Slack for work collaboration. While user engagement is high in Slack, the team was looking for a solution to keep the teams aligned on Jira project work in Slack.


Troopr brings updates to Jira project issues to Slack in an actionable format that makes it easy for team members to take action directly from Slack. Troopr periodically polls team members about the issues that are assigned to them and makes it easy for them to discuss and act on those issues in Slack. Troopr allows for custom workflows that trigger on specific events and prompts relevant team members with actionable reports in Slack.


Connecting Jira to Slack ensures the entire team sees and stays on the same page on their projects.

My team at Marqeta has completed an 8 day trial of Troopr Assistant and we love it..we really got a lot out of Troopr and I'd like to get my team using the tool regularly.

Neha Chriss
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Jira Cloud

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California, United States

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