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The customer support teams at MGID use Jira Software and Slack extensively for work. The support issues that are to be handled by the tech support team are created in their Jira. They regularly discuss the tickets in their Slack channels. This introduces challenges in manually copy pasting Slack conversations to update corresponding Jira tickets and vice versa. Also when Jira was not current, the technical product managers and CTO of MGID lacked visibility into project progress and that affected their ability to plan and stay on top of work.


With Troopr, the tech support teams have all the important updates to customer tickets delivered to Slack channel where the team can discuss and update them. Troopr automatically keeps all updates in sync between Slack and Jira and the team doesn't have to copy paste anymore. Also with Troopr, stakeholders are able to get real time insights into project progress directly in Slack.


Troopr has saved time for the support team in manual tasks and allowed for better real time insights for stakeholders at MGID. All of this results in better customer experience and that directly impacts business bottom line.

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