Netflix is a $30B subscription streaming service and production company. Netflix vision is to entertain the world with best-in-class TV series, documentaries, feature films and mobile games.


With a distributed team, Netflix engineering was finding it challenging to keep everyone on the same page on who's doing what and current status of projects.


Netflix choose Troopr to conduct weekly sync up meetings in Slack and also for updating Jira project issues. Troopr meetings are asynchronous and will prompt team members based on their timezone for an update. Troopr will also allow participants to update Jira issues they are working on in one click.


Troopr helped save 90% of time in status update meetings and in finding and updating Jira issues. With better data hygiene and more efficient workflows, Netflix engineering teams are better at delivering projects on time with Troopr.

We are using Troopr for weekly team updates, retro meetings and Jira integration. Among other options, we picked Troopr because it was cleared by our internal security team and Jira integration worked with our hosted Jira server. Troopr seemed to boast stable development and responsive support team.

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Los Gatos, California

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