Nextdoor is a USD $5.6B American social networking company based in San Francisco, California. Services of Nextdoor are available in 11 countries globally.


The engineering teams at Nextdoor use Slack and Jira to collaborate on work. While user engagement is high in Slack, the team was looking for an easier solution to keep Jira current. The use case specifically is for collecting and acting on product feedback in Slack. They have a dedicated channel where they collect feedback on the product and it was becoming a chore to track, manage and communicate on the status of feedback received. Manually doing copy pasting and updating was prone to errors and automating with inhouse bots was either insufficient or expensive or both.


With Troopr, Nextdoor teams are able to submit product feedback as they always do in Slack while Troopr automatically creates and updates Jira issues. Troopr’s realtime bi-directional updates ensure every conversation including media attachments are captured and updated in Jira and every update to the Jira ticket is promptly communicated to all relevant people in Slack.


With Troopr, engineering and product teams at Nextdoor are able to handle product feedback more efficiently in Slack.

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San Francisco, United States

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