POW mission is to help passionate outdoor people become effective climate advocates to achieve systematic solutions to Climate change.


The Web Operations teams at Protect Our Winters use Jira Software Server for managing their projects. Keeping Jira current was always a challenge and it did not give a full picture on project progress. They were also getting adopted to daily scrum ceremonies. And the team was looking for a simple solution that helps everyone keep Jira current and implement daily scrum ceremonies.


The teams naturally collaborated in Slack channels and with Troopr they received actionable Jira alerts in Slack channels. With Troopr, the team received automated reminders to act on stale issues. These reports come with suggested actions that are usually fulfilled in a few clicks. With Troopr, teams conduct daily stand up meetings in Slack. Troopr ask participants periodically for an update on their tasks in Slack. Troopr automatically pulls issue context and recent activities from Jira for the report.


Troopr has improved data hygiene in Jira with a positive downstream impact on project forecasting and delivery.

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