Springworks is a Bangalore and Santa Monica-based HR technology startup building tools and products to simplify recruiting and help organizations engage and retain their employees.


Springworks is 300+ member team that is fully remote working across different locations in India. Engineering, product and operations teams at Springworks use Jira and Slack extensively for work collaboration. Every team conducts a daily standup routine and since the pandemic it is a zoom call with every member of the team. As the team size and numbers grew the cost of conducting and tracking these standup meetings was very high as there is repeated manual context switching from work to attend zoom calls for the status updates. For project managers it is a lot of manual work with meeting logistics and recording minutes and following up on action items. They were looking for a solution that saves time for both the project managers and team members without compromising on visibility and team alignment.


With Troopr, teams at Springworks are able to conduct daily standup meetings asynchronously in Slack. They have setup 50+ Check-ins for different teams and projects. Team members participate with just a click of a button in Slack. Troopr compiles the report with all of their responses along with everyone’s issues and activities from Jira. Troopr also manages team and individual absences automatically and keep historical data for valuable insights into each team’s work. The stakeholders at the company have one view that consolidates everything that is happening on a given day across all teams. As an added bonus, teams also conduct sprint retrospectives to collect feedback and keep iterating on their processes for incremental improvement.


Troopr Check-ins has allowed everyone to spend less time on zoom meetings and more time getting actual work done. Troopr saves an average of 3 hours/week for PMs on tedious meeting logistics and 30 mins/day for every team member.

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