Starbucks Corporation is a USD 90B American multinational chain of coffeehouses and roastery reserves headquartered in Seattle, Washington. It is the world's largest coffeehouse chain.


The technical program management teams at Starbucks use Jira Software on-premise for managing their projects. However the organization as a whole was still warming up to Jira and keeping Jira current was always a challenge. Teams naturally collaborated in Slack channels and PMs were left to manually keep Jira up to date. The project teams were also getting introduced to agile methodology and just learning the values of scrum ceremonies. So the TPM team wanted an easy and natural way to introduce new processes that helps everyone keep Jira current and implement scrum ceremonies.


Starbucks chose Troopr so team members can get actionable alerts and updates about Jira issues in Slack. Now it is only about clicking a button in the channel message to update their Jira issues. Troopr sends automated reminders and nudges to act on things that need team’s attention. These reports come with suggested actions that are usually fulfilled in a few clicks. Also with Troopr, teams conduct daily stand up meetings in Slack. Troopr ask participants periodically for an update on their Jira issues and other tasks they may be working on. Troopr automatically pulls issue context and recent activities from Jira for the report. No more context switch and everybody saves time.


Troopr has improved data hygiene in Jira. Troopr also helped teams adopt agile processes that saved time without changing existing workflows.

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Jira Server

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Seattle, Washington, United States

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