Wakefit is an online retail solution for all home needs. Wakefit retail stores now live in 8 cities across India. Headquartered in Bangalore with 8+ lakhs customers in India.


The engineering teams at Wakefit use Jira Software and Slack extensively for work. Customer support issues that are to be handled by the engineering team are created in their Jira. They regularly discuss customer tickets in their Slack channels. This introduces challenges in manually copy pasting Slack conversations to update corresponding Jira tickets and vice versa.


With Troopr, the engineering team has all the important updates to customer tickets delivered to Slack channel where the team can discuss and update them. Troopr automatically keeps all updates in sync between Slack and Jira and the team doesn't have to copy paste anymore.


Connecting Jira to Slack ensures the entire team sees and stays on the same page on every customer issue.

Integrated Products

Jira Cloud

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Primary location

Bangalore, India

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