Wayfair Inc. is a USD 4.5B American e-commerce company based in Boston that sells furniture and home goods online. Founded in 2002 and currently offers 14 million items from more than 11,000 global suppliers. Wayfair’s vision is to help everyone, anywhere create their feeling of home.


Product, engineering, IT and customer success teams at Wayfair use Jira and Slack for work collaboration and were looking for ways to improve efficiency through automation of their routine workflows in Slack. They tried building Slack bots in house but that proved to be both time consuming and expensive exercise. Management of custom solutions were also distracting their teams from their core work.


With Troopr, customer success teams have each set up dedicated Slack channels to triage customer tickets. Troopr directs the requests to the triage channels. This allows for a private space for teams to discuss resolution of requests while Troopr takes care of syncing with Jira to keep both agents and customers on the same page. With Troopr, engineering teams have connected their Jira Software projects to Slack channels to bring context and updates to Jira issues to Slack and make it easy for them to take action directly from Slack. With Troopr, teams across departments are able to automatically check in and stay on top of whats up with the team and team’s projects. With Troopr, teams have set up custom workflow automations that trigger on specific events and prompt relevant team members with actionable charts and reports in Slack.


Internal Wayfair estimates have arrived at a cost savings of USD 12M per year for the team currently using Troopr. Connecting Jira and Slack has improved team alignment and project delivery while saving costs for the entire organization.

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