Wellthy Therapeutics is a leading digital therapeutics company working across Europe and Asia with the mission to bridge the gap for better health outcomes, by enabling digital care for complex clinical conditions..


The Engineering teams at Wellthy use Jira and Slack for work. While user engagement is high in Slack, Jira was not always current and did not give the full picture on project progress. The director of engineering was looking for a solution to bring better visibility into project work and to make it easier to track and update issues in Slack.


With Troopr, engineering teams are saving time conducting scrum ceremonies asynchronously in Slack. Engineering teams are using Troopr to discuss and stay on top of updates to Jira issues in Slack. Team managers set up their teams to keep Jira updated using reminders and nudges provided by Troopr.


More efficient scrum ceremonies and better data hygiene in Jira means everyone gets to stay on the same page on project progress while saving time.

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Jira Cloud

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New York, United States

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