Automatically share Jira velocity chart in Slack

It is not possible for every employee to check the reports in Jira on a regular basis. Through Jira Slack integration, employees can share and discuss reports in Slack, which saves time and increases team alignment. Slack integration for Jira reports also allows you to share Jira velocity charts and other reports with others who aren't in Jira. Jira velocity charts show the current velocity of every scrum team and when shared with stakeholders in Slack, it helps them to plan target completion dates and anticipate delays in the current project iteration.

In this blog we will cover some of the benefits of shared visibility on Jira velocity charts and how you can do that for your team.

What is a Jira velocity chart?

The velocity chart shows the number of sprints created and closed over time. The X-axis represents number of sprints while the Y-axis represents the story points. The velocity chart is a measure of work a scrum team completes on average during a sprint. The velocity chart shows as a bar chart to easily indicate the difference between the projected amount of work in sprints and the actual amount of work performed in recent sprints.

Benefits of using Jira velocity chart

The velocity chart allows you to analyze the sprint's past performance in order to forecast future performance. It's helpful in sprint planning sessions to figure out how much work you can feasibly commit. Visual data representation is an appealing approach to displaying numerical data. Humans are more interested in graphs and charts than numbers from a psychological standpoint. It assists the product owner and manager in determining whether their team has become more efficient over time. If the team's velocity continuously rises after each sprint, it means they're absorbing information quickly. Increasing velocity also means they're ready to take on more difficult tasks.

Automating Jira velocity chart in Slack

Managing sprint is a time consuming process in Jira. Users must manually update the Jira velocity chart in Slack DM channels, which limits their productivity and causes them to miss important information. Users can automate sharing of Jira velocity charts in Slack channels by Jira Slack integration. Troopr is the most powerful tool for automating Jira and Slack tasks. Troopr automatically adds the Jira velocity chart to Slack discussions with actionable items. Team members can discuss Jira velocity charts in real time and take action on open issues through Slack.

Types of estimate in Jira velocity chart

Sprint Velocity can be estimated in following ways

  1. Story point
  2. Original time estimate
  3. Issue count

Story point

Story points are a metric for calculating the overall effort necessary to fulfill a given task. Story point based velocity chart compares the sum of story points delivered in each sprint.

Original time estimate

The Original Time Estimate is used to estimate the amount of time that needed to complete the task. Original time estimate based velocity chart compares the sum of time estimates of all completed tasks in each sprint.

Issue count

Issue count based velocity chart compares the volume of completed work by the total count of tasks completed in each sprint.

Beyond Velocity charts

Troopr Reports provides a platform to schedule from 20+ Jira report templates for Slack. Available report templates include:

  1. Burndown chart
  2. Velocity chart
  3. Issues by status chart
  4. Issues by assignee chart
  5. Issues by priority chart
  6. Open issues by type
  7. Issues by reporter chart
  8. Custom Charts
  9. Custom JQL reports

Get started with Troopr Reports for Slack

The use of the velocity chart is only the beginning. It does not have all of the information. Other charts can be useful as well. Troopr's Jira Slack bot delivers all essential reports to your team's Slack channel.

The setup involves 3 easy steps

Step 1: Choose a template and configure

Step 2: Setup a schedule

Step 3: Configure the channel or user for delivery

Getting started with Troopr

Thousands of agile teams around the world, including Zynga, Snowflakes, Huuuge, Dream11, Starbucks and others, trust Troopr Jira Slack integration. Install from the Atlassian Marketplace or the Slack App Directory to get started.

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